Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore

My time management is terrible…
I have yet to start on a tutorial due tomorrow but here I am blogging…
Because omg omg omg omg READ THE TITLE AND REMEMBER ITS NAME!!!!!!!
Ok I’m gonna share my life story now before I talk about food…

So today it was school and school and then I had to rush off to Bugis right after to return the shirts that I wore when I was working at Comex.
Only Yong Chin and I went zzzz
And I had to help Zi Hui return hers for the most invalid reason of all invalid reasons lor.
Mind you, I was starving at the beginning of the last lecture.
I sat 2 hours hungry and sleepy, and then another hour making my way to Bugis and then another hour before I found a place to eat.
Oh and I had to eat alone cos Yong Chin has got no money!

So it amounts to 4 hours of being hungry and 6.5 hours since I last put food in my mouth when I found Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore!
Yes, I walked past The Star Vista to go to Rochester Park because I’ve always wanted to go there but don’t know how and just today I felt very motivated to.

Bread with dip!
The bread was very fragrant 😀
And I cleared it in a matter of minutes because I was so very hungry!!

Prosciutto e funghi!!! 😀
It’s a pizza with mushrooms, ham, tomato sauce and mozzarella!
It’s the small pizza of course!
But their small was 8″ and it certainly could feed 2!
I finished the whole pizza because I am a hippopotamus I was really hungry and….

IT TASTES SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T
Remember how I always say my favourite pizza was from Trapizza?
Now I have TWO favourite pizza places T_T
(I have yet to try Bella Pizza which I heard has the best pizza in Singapore according to ladyironchef)
The crust is those thin yet bready but not overly bready kind and it was crispy and soft at the same time!
I mean like, crispy and soft?!?!?!?!!!!
And oh everything tastes so good!!!! 😀
It could be that I was so hungry maybe even a completely burnt pizza dusted with flour would have tasted good…
Highly unlikely though…
But trust me, I was smiling while I ate the pizza! Do you smile when you eat?!?!! ALONE?!??!!!
Please go have their pizza!! 😀 It’s so yummy 😀
And it only costed me $14.25 in total!
Bear in mind that it could feed 2, or so I think…

I’ve got to go back and try other items from Pasta Fresca, and the other restaurants around Rochester Park!
What took me so long to get my ass there, I have no idea.
It was really dark then so I couldn’t explore that place…

On another note, I’ve been using a MacBook Air for almost a week now and I’ve adapted very quickly to it.
So much so that I find it hard to use my HP laptop that I’m blogging from right now…
I wish I had a MacBook Pro instead. With Windows. Cos school requires me to have Windows.
But that’s ok!! 😀


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