Dean & DeLuca & Oriole Café and Bar

Yesterday I went to Orchard Road at 11am 😀
For a half me-day cos I haven’t spent time out with me for some time.

Headed straight to Dean & DeLuca when I entered Orchard Central!
But of course I got lost in excitement…
I took the escalator to level 6 and then I was like “this doesn’t feel right…” then I took the lift down to level 4 hahahahaha

Berries & flapjacks!
$18 ⊙⌓⊙
I ordered 1 and then a waitress came up with 2 and proceeded to place both on my table like… ⊙_⊙
Of course I didn’t assholey eat both la! Hahahahaha

Very yummy!!! 😀
The fruits were uber fresh 😀
The flapjacks are yums but were quite crumbly so it’s difficult to eat it…
And waiters were standing around and I felt judged 😦

The place had Norah Jones playing between other songs and of course that made everything better 🙂

Saw this and despite having no idea what it is, I am intrigued to visit when it’s open (please be food please be food please be food)
Went shopping and I spent $77 T___T
Wanted to shop more but I forced myself to sit at coffee and wait for time to pass.

Went to Oriole Café and Bar duh!
Their coffee is by far the most aromatic 😀
Not that I’ve tried a lot of coffee but ya…

Vanilla latte! 😀
Drinking their coffee evokes tears that are not always visible ;___;

The only problem with their cup of coffee is it wasn’t big enough…

And that the latte art isn’t nyan cat…?
Hahahahahaha imagine that!! How will I ever drink it???
(Just kidding I will still drink it cos the coffee’s amazing)

They so very kindly gave me the password to the Wi-Fi so I could build the website for my ITB project!
I’m very proud of my creation: hahahahaha
It’s unfinished so don’t tell me it….
FYI it is a completely fake thing so don’t start calling or anything hoping for dim sum ok!!

Went to Scape to find Bernard and it started pouring and I saw Fiona, Jia En and Jue Yin(??? I don’t know)!
And then I forgot about Bernard… oops
Went to Cineleisure with them and Yong Chin and Jacob and they ate.
Then we went to Wheelock Place!!

I went to support the Christmas Light-Up Ceremony but it turned out differently…
Because I did a last minute registration to be a candle bearer hahah!!
It was really weird cos I wasn’t in a Ngee Ann shirt like most others 😦
So I was giving out the electronic candles to passers-by and some are really cute!
They thought they had to pay when I told them it was for charity hahaahhaaha!
The Light-Up wasn’t as expected…
Everyone just stood around quietly with their candles and stared at the dancers during the flash mob LOL!

Went to Dhoby Ghaut with Fiona, Jia En, Yong Chin, Jue Yin and Edna for dinner afterwards because Orchard was so packed!
They took me to this Just Acia place and told me to lower my expectations by lots OMG faint.

Spaghetti and ebi fried with homemade tomato sauce set!
Looked decent!

Thankfully I tried their vanilla ice-cream before this and I had lowered my expectations a lot.
This was only so-so and their prawns were so weird!!!

Took a bus home after dinner and I reached home at 11.30pm :O
Slept at 2.30am or something cos I was missing Wicked really badly 🙂
Ooooh and I wrote this post listening to the soundtrack hehehehe
So I guess it’s safe to say I took more than 1 hour to blog o.o
Anyway, I’m leaving soon to go to the Asia Pacific Food Expo!
Hope it’d be good 😀


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