Yong He Eating House & 126 (搵到食) Eating House

Nope I can’t read the shop names…
So after blogging yesterday I left for the food expo!
Was with Yong Chin, Fiona, Edna and Adeline 😀
The food expo was rather lame…

Bought a giant chicken cutlet!
It’s like a dish for a family of 5 or something lor!
Saw Angel and Eric when we were leaving 😀

Went to Geylang after that…
I’ve never been there not by car.
Went to Yong He Eating House and got bean curd!

It was yummy but a little not smooth…
And it made me so very thirsty I kind of died.
By the way, I couldn’t read the signboard so I took a very long time to check in on Foursquare -____-

Then we went to 126 (搵到食) Eating House!
Same thing happened with Foursquare zzz

Sugar cane juice was my savior 😀

Chee cheong fun

Some balls

Tau pok

Chicken feet
We all know I love chicken but this I don’t, butt I don’t and anything neck up I don’t.

Har gow!
Yummy 😀
They say I don’t pronounce it properly but they also won’t tell me how zzz

Siew mai!
Omg, just realised we had no xiao long baos!!
I think this is the first time I eat dim sum without xiao long baos O.O

Then I took a bus to Lavender MRT station and went home!
(Everyone had a straight bus home T_T)
Of course I was listening to the Wicked soundtrack then!
I am, right now too 😀
Everything about Wicked is beautiful ;___;


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