Tsuru-Koshi Udon & The Tea Party Café

On Tuesday I went to school to listen to Lynette on air!
Then I went to Novena and accompanied Marissa at work!
And….. I EARNED ME $20 for 4 hours!!!! 😀
Went to Orchard with her after that and I had dinner at Tsuru-Koshi Udon at Takashimaya food basement 😀

This is my tempura udon!
Yummy 😀
Udon’s really good and tempura’s really fresh and crispy!
I was deciding between this and the cold udon but I played safe and ate my usual udon choice…
But if I return I must go try the cold one because it looks good 😀
Then we went to look at stationery then we went home!

Today I went to school for ITB e-learning and I presented my What A Nice Gow website and other social networking…
Teacher was so picky if he was my client I would’ve let him do it himself lor…
My website is fabulous! Hahahahahaha nope
Then went to the library and did some work!
In the evening everyone left and left and I was left with Fiona 😀
Then we went to The Tea Party Café for dinner 😀

French onion soup
Quite nice 🙂
OMG this place is so orange it drives me crazy!

Iced lemon tea that tasted more like mere tea…

My beef bolognese!
It was not bad except they were rather stingy with the sauce and the pasta was a tad dry…

Her carbonara!
Didn’t try it because I am not fond of cream-based pasta…
Then we sat there playing with that particular McDonald’s Happy Meal toy that frightens Yong Chin so much when it flies at him…
Took many videos of it with every intention of sending it to him daily hahahahaha!
Going out with Fiona is just super funny hahaha

Ok ummm that’s all??
I think I’m gonna go to the S-One Expo with Lynette tomorrow!
Not entirely sure what to expect of it besides automobiles.
I sure hope there’ll be food…


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