Burger Shack

Hello everyone!
Yesterday I went to school on a Saturday morning.
Was helping out at BA Family Day’s booths selling balloons and tending a game stall…
I left early (for food duh) after Yumiko’s performance 😀

Went to Burger Shack with Yong Chin and Jue Yin (I still don’t know if that’s how it’s spelt to be honest) 😀
Homemade iced lemon tea!
I had to add my own sugar syrup from a whole pitcher and not the mini personal one with a fixed amount of it.
And you all know I suck at that.
So… my iced lemon tea was surprisingly not as bad as I expected!!!
BBQ chicken burger!!!!!!
Very yummy 😀
Wanted to try the waikiki burger or something like that but it wasn’t a chicken patty I wanted a chicken patty.
I mean like, grilled pineapple is the best thing that has happened to pineapple yet, after being eaten of course.
Sawing into this very bun is one of the best feelings in the world.
Trust me it was ridiculously fun I was puzzled myself.

After that we went to Bukit Timah Shopping Centre? I don’t know what it is I just know it’s beside Beauty World…
And we went to a florist to get Jacob a bouquet!
Cos we went to watch Danzation that night!
It was amazing 😀
Then I went back at the latest of all history of Casia and mummy fetched me from the MRT station and it was 12am when I got back.

Got 2 tubs of Ben & Jerry’s earlier on yay 😀
Ice-cream you are my best friend ❤

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