Epicurious Café

Hello 🙂
Just had my first out of three common tests papers today.
I have a post for today’s food but quite unfortunately I can’t put my pictures up because I don’t have an SD card reader here.
The HP one can’t connect to the internet so I’m going partially crazy it’s bad for my health.
So today’s post will be about last week for I couldn’t find time to blog then.

Tuesday morning I went to Délifrance at IMM.
That day I walked from Jcube to IMM in a long sleeved top under the hot sun I might have dried up into a prune.

Pain au chocolat and English breakfast tea!
It’s unusual that I order tea that don’t come in a pot.
I myself am surprised.

Tuesday evening I had dinner with Fiona at Epicurious Café.
The Rail Mall is actually very close to school.. I should go find some other food there next time!
I also realised that my school is smack right in the middle of food heaven but I’ve got little money, no car, few eaty friends. THE PAIN!

Wild mushroom soup!
Took ages to arrive and I was starving!
Soup was super duper hot but tasted great 😀

My eggs Benedict!
Yummy 😀
I found out I don’t really like English muffins but for poached eggs and ham I compromise.
The potatoes were especially delicious.
I’ve never enjoyed potato that much o.o
(By the way, Fiona’s a potato lover) (that explains why she said “how can you say no to potato? :(” to Yong Chin at Cineleisure the other time) (hahahaha that’s my favourite sentence from her) (do you hate brackets already?) (ok)

Fiona’s baked eggs and toast soldiers!
When it came she didn’t know how to eat it.
Likewise I was confused because never in my life have I seen such a dish (I am a caveman if you don’t already know).
It tastes weirdly yummy but more to the yummy side.
It’s like a egg surprise because in it there’s so much stuff like bacon and mushrooms and whatnots.
THE MUSHROOMS WERE GOOD (Do you trust my 1-week-old memory? Not I.)
Yea all my pictures are badly lit because everywhere is dim 😦
They had a candle on the table it’s so romantic yet gross.

A madeleine 😀 (only here I thought of using exposure compensation)
Not buttery enough for my liking but the chocolate makes up for it.
I think if chefs/bakers/some-cooky-persons make mistakes, they can just add chocolate and get away with it.

Wednesday was Yong Chin’s birthday!
Happy belated birthday, Yong Chin! (because I can’t be arsed to blog on the actual day)
Went to Tea Party Café with Fiona, Nicole, Adeline, Jue Yin, Jia En and Yong Chin of course.

Iced lemon tea

Chicken soup!
I liked it.
It’s chicken, what d’you expect?

Almost everyone else’s carbonara…
It looks really good and apparently tastes awesome but I still am unwilling to put cream-based pasta in my mouth.

My seafood marinara!
Once again, kinda meh 😦
I think they can’t do tomato-based pasta…
Like the sauce is dry and insufficient by a slight amount and is quite tasteless…
Omg that’s so sad!!

On Thursday I was trying to study in school but it was not productive…

Had a chicken hot dog with coney sauce + chips + Sprite from the hot dog stand.
Was giving it a second try.
I still think the hot dog at the atrium’s the best 🙂

Ok that was last week’s food!!!
Now, time to study for the other tests that I pretend don’t exist 😦
After my last paper I’m gonna blog about more food!
I had cupcakes today and they were really yummy! Can’t wait to share 😀


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