Twelve Cupcakes

I’m just lazy to enter in the title the other restaurants I dined at this week!
But among all I chose Twelve Cupcakes because they are so raveable.
By the way, I’ve been wanting to blog for the longest time but I couldn’t because I wasn’t able to find a way to upload my pictures because of the internet again :/

So on Monday I had my first common test paper and after that I went to study and then I went to IMM.
Because I really wanted to buy a dog.
If you follow my updates closely you’ll know I still haven’t gotten the desired pug and am upset.
My late lunch that day was at O’ Coffee Club!
Did any of you know that there’s an O’ in front of Coffee Club? Not I till now!

Fish and chips
Because it was recommended over the chicken lasagne…

Had this feeling that the oil used to fry my food was super old 😦
Didn’t like my meal!
I expected more because I had their really yummy skipper’s delight penne before 😦

Walked around and stumbled upon Twelve Cupcakes!
Didn’t know they had a branch at IMM!!

So they have been raved about for quite some time already but only this week I gave them a try.
Really hate people who don’t insist that I go have those REALLY REALLY yummy stuff 😦
NOBODY TOLD ME HOW GOOD THEY WERE! NOBODY! Most just say they’re nice but they don’t tell me they cried.

Cookies n cream!
Rich and just really tasty!
The buttercream is a dream 😀

Strawberry vanilla!
Lighter and tastes like a cakeified strawberry milkshake 😀

What I love about them is that the proportion of cake and cream is perfect.
I don’t always eat cupcakes that don’t over-cake or over-cream my tongue which explains why I don’t fancy cupcakes much.
But this is just so right!
Cupcake’s really moist and flavourful and cream’s just… cream.
Speaking of cupcakes, I’ve got to give Plain Vanilla a try some time soon!!
Missed an opportunity the other time because the flavour I wanted was unavailable.

On Tuesday I had a door drama.
Gate more of.
Had Kuriya sushi at a community centre!
Pathetic to no end T_T

On Wednesday I went to Starbucks at Rochester Park to study.
Saw Ke Yang there! Then went to study with Yong Chin!

One of my favourites 🙂
My favourites are vanilla latte, soy strawberries & cream frappe, hojicha (omg I miss hojicha so much) and the above one 😀
It’s a giant (venti-sized) mug of awesomeness ^_^
That day there was a 1-for-1 venti festive beverage promotion so I got it at $4 😀
Yes, I love Starbucks a lot 😀
Oh ya then I saw Daryl, Sandy and Odelia!

Went for early dinner (like really really early, say 4.30) at Itacho Sushi!
Didn’t have much of a Japanese cuisine feeling then but then again nobody can reject Itacho, let alone sushi.

More courageous that day so I tried a duck breast sushi!
Weird and all (because duck and sushi ummmm) but tastes good 🙂

Nobody goes to Itacho and not order their chawanmushi!
Unless they only have $4.10 and wouldn’t stoop to beg… or something…

Cold udon!
Yums!!! 🙂

Another food item you can’t not order at Itacho – hand rolls!
Corn salad, ebi tempura, tamago! 😀
All are yums!
Finally understood Min’s love for their corn. It’s really nice although drenched in mayonnaise.
I hate mayonnaise but I loved that hand roll.
It’s so good, even hate starts to unhate (sorry I can’t say love because I really dislike mayonnaise).

Just now I had my last common test paper and it marks the start of my 2-week holiday that has to be allocated to projects pffft…
After the paper, I went to Orchard with some classmates!
They bought tickets to a movie I had negative interest in so I didn’t join them!
Went to Fish & Co. for early dinner!

Passion fruit 🙂

Baked Ginza salmon!
I found it really yummy! 😀
Salmon + furikake = ;___;

If you guessed I’m broke then you’re right but no prizes because everyone can see that!
Went shopping with Lynette while the rest went for their movie.
It’s so awesome!!! Lynette is someone I can shop with 😀
I made an impulsive $2 purchase at Daiso because I shop with my hands and there’s this blanket that’s so nice to touch I couldn’t resist. Now that I think of it, I have no use for it…
Then we went home!!!

Miss Sophia is in Hong Kong now and there’s a 50% chance I will have a Duffy bag!

(Wanted this since forever hahaha I don’t even know why cos like can fit nothing…)
50% because everything’s either yes or no…
That’s another fact about me – I am absolutely in love with Duffy!!!!!!!
THAT IS ALL!!!!!!!!!

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