Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken & Honeymoon Dessert & Gelateria Italia & Kuishin Bo

Merry Christmas!
Forgot to blog so I’m late…

On Christmas Eve I went out with Marissa!
Went to many places… and I began hunting for toys… for myself… but I failed.
Late lunch was at Barcelos at Square 2!
Always wanted to try their food but now that I have I wish I never.
For one the grumpy pregnant woman serving us was working with so much unwillingness!

Iced lemon tea!
They are similar to Nando’s just that they have much less variety and their beverages are just meh…

1/4 tangy lemon chicken with sauteed mushrooms and potatoes

Then we went to Honeymoon Dessert at 313@Somerset.

#39 Mango pomelo sago
I like this!
I mean I always like mango + pomelo + sago…
But Ah Chew Desserts’ is way better and cheaper and bigger!

Marissa’s #02 some mango plus mochi plus ice-cream plus lots of stuff…
Nice but I preferred mine.

Then we walked to Ngee Ann City and on the way there I wanted those $1 ice-creams but there were so many people and all and it was very dramatic there was running and queuing and police and giving up ummmmmm ok…
That is from our perspective.
So fed up that we went to Gelateria Italia instead.
Thank god for that because it was awesome!

Caramel Baileys gelato!
$5.40 so it was 5.4x the price of initial desire but it’s worth it!
It’s super yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don’t know why I’ve never given it a try prior to yesterday.
Couldn’t share it with her cos it contained alcohol…

Today I woke up after dreaming about the same food twice.
Went to Kuishin Bo for Christmas buffet lunch!

Love all my sushi!
Hate my tempura hand roll because there was mayonnaise inside.

Clockwise from top: ebi tempura, chicken wing, pizza, chicken + cucumber, wedges, beef drenched in mushroom sauce, broccoli and tomato, chipolata, soft shell crab, takoyaki, fried crab thing, small piece of halibut!
Fish was really yummy but only had a small piece because the tray had a miserable portion left.

Chicken wings were atrocious!
Untender and tasteless!
So like don’t judge a chicken by its skin or something like that.

Beef was nice!
Pizza was also nice.
The other stuff were ordinary!

Cold udon!
I like

Sucks, now that I’ve tried several amazing ones…

Assorted oden
I liked everything save that mysterious white ball of surprise.

Chicken kaminabe
Didn’t like it but the mushroom’s fine!

Salad and fruits and konnyaku jelly


They changed their ice-cream for sure because it sucks now…

Cashier gave this gingerbread man!
It was yummy!

Ok bye what the hell the internet died last night so it’s like 12 hours late.


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