Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve was spent with Tewa! πŸ˜€
Was meeting them at 5pm but I went for solo tea time at 3.30pm!
Walked unhappily under an umbrella that offered as much coverage as an umbrella from Lavender MRT station to Penhas Road!
So now I can say that I’ve been to all 4 branches and I’m happy for no reason whatsoever!

Tea + cake + book πŸ˜€

Add tea minus book

Strawberry shortcake!
Thought the strawberries were quite old…
Super generous serving of strawberries though.
But it was nice!

Good Morning tea!
Which is really just breakfast tea…

Tea changes colour too…
Mostly because I didn’t let it set.

So much so that I don’t even know what is the actual colour of the tea.
Was fine but I can’t help comparing it to TWG’s and I’m all like why am I not at TWG 😦

Then went to Bugis to meet Cherylene!
Everyone else was late la…
Then we waited for a few then we went to

this place.
And waited for the rest but 2 to arrive!
Then we began the steamboat dinner!!!

This was my first grab.
There were more after but I was too caught up with eating…


After dinner I joined Yong Chin, Ethel, En Qi, Krissada and Desmond and they were all trying to drag me to stay for countdown.
To the extent of using my hair as a leash omg T_T
Then we walked to Marina Square and played pool!

Teamed up with pool pro Thai boy Krissada!!!!!
I suck at pool so much…
It was also during that time I realised I was allowed to stay out past midnight…

After pool we walked to I-don’t-even-know-where to join a crowd to try to get a spot to watch the fireworks.
We were held up at this pavement but it was a more than decent spot!
The only things obstructing my otherwise perfect view was my unfortunate height, the traffic light and this tall dude’s head.
And that I was not standing at the front but somewhere in the middle…
But it was comfortable there and then at 12mn the fireworks went off for 7 minutes πŸ˜€
Didn’t bother to take any pictures because I don’t trust myself to get anything decent so I might as well enjoy the display primarily.

After that we walked to Raffles Place to find a queue to the MRT station 😦
Then we wasted say 30 minutes sitting down and not doing anything in particular.
All that before we thought of queuing up anyway.
Uncivilised people cut the queue in front of us and apparently the people thing didn’t bother to do anything about it.
Managed to get back at 2.27am omg!
Slept at 4am at got up at 2.30pm today wowwwwwwww
So yea that was my New Year’s Eve!

Saturday I went to Jurong Point’s MOF again!

I like its saltiness but other than that it was passable.

Chicken & mushroom pasta!
So-so only… 😦
Ok that’s all bye!


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