Ma Maison & Ned’s Crepe n Coffee

Have tons of work due soon but… look at me blog!

On Tuesday I went to Hatched for breakfast with Racheal and Marissa.

My Hatched sleepover special!
Never thought bacon could go with bananas…
It was really yummy!

Marissa’s smoked royale!

Racheal and I shared another bowl of mashed potatoes because nobody can hate them!

On Wednesday I went to Bugis after school and had dinner at Ma Maison with Zi Hui!
Always wanted to eat there and finally I did!

My Ma Maison spaghetti!
It’s super weird because I’ve never had pasta in some brown sauce before but I liked it!

Zi Hui’s Japanese style spaghetti!
Tasted a little and it was equally weird yet yummy!
I don’t even know how Ma Maison do it, making weird stuff taste good…

Zi Hui’s mixed berries tart!
Stole some and it was really good!
I already don’t like Fruit Paradise’s tarts but this made it inferior to no end!

We had crepes at Ned’s Crepe n Coffee before dinner, which explains why I was really full.
She, on the other hand, had no limit at all…

Very berry chewy crepe…
Min and Zi Hui kept going on about it prior to my first, saying it was really yummy and cheap.
NO. I thought it was very meh compared to those Japanese sweet crepes…
Have to go to Liang Court one day to get some because I haven’t tried them 😦

On Thursday I went to Clementi’s hawker centre after Lynette mentioned satay.
Because satay sounds so good, looks so good, smells so good, tastes so good.

10 chicken satay from Chai Ho!
Had sugar cane juice to go with.

Cheap ($0.38 per stick) and yummy, BFF satay!
Crazy generous portion of cucumbers too!

Just now after school I went out instead of attempting to complete projects.
Shopped a while with Lynette and met Joe!
Then Lynette left… Then went to VivoCity with Joe after walking around for a bit…
Met up with a bunch of 4E1 classmates!
Queued super long just to enter Marché I don’t even know why they all bothered to 😦

My first Rösti!
With this beef + pork sausage!
It was yummy!
Then I went into beast mode and ordered desserts!

Panna cotta ice-cream & 4 mini meringues! 😀
Ice-cream was really nice but the crème brûlée one I had the other time is definitely better!

Ending this post with a picture of a Hanuta Lynette gave me back when school reopened…


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