Tanuki & Wild Honey & Kim Gary & more

Been so busy lately I don’t even know when I ate what…

So one day I went to Tanuki the day I tried hunting for shoes to ultimate failure.
Mentioned before I wanted to go to Tanuki because of the design…

Yakitori don

So crazy their salad had wasabi in it but it was the first time I enjoyed it…

THE CHICKEN!!!!!! and shimeiji mushrooms, etc.
So yummy!

*outdated tech-savvy Casia gets free truffle fries by checking in to Tanuki on 4sq*
The truffle is very subtle so much so you can only taste it when you bite into an ultra oily one..
It’s so-so but everyone knows truffle fries can’t be bad.
Almost, just almost, bought myself a glass of champagne bellini but I didn’t cos I’m poor.
So I went to a cocktail bar to drink iced water lor…

So another day, Lynette passed me this

Duffy chocolate ^_____________^
from Ryo if I’m not wrong!!


Then one afternoon I went out with about half the class to Pasta Fresca at 6th Avenue!

Shared the normal-sized prosciutto e funghi pizza with Min πŸ˜€

LOVE IT DUH but I think the crust is nicer at Rochester’s but the ingredients here are more generously given…
But then again at both places I didn’t order pizzas of the same size so ya I can’t compare…

Panna cotta!
The amaretto liqueur was awesome!
But it was quite over-satiating for 1 T_T

Then one day I had dinner at Evertop with Racheal! πŸ˜€

Then one Sunday I went to The King Louis Grill and Bar!
Holy cow it is so pricey compared to on weekdays!

Iced lemon tea

The legendary mushroom soup πŸ˜€

My BBQ chicken pullet
It was a chef recommendation on the menu but I preferred the other one I had before which was cheaper and tastier…
I couldn’t finish this because ummmm it’s like half a chicken!?!?!!

Mummy’s oven baked pacific king prawns with melted cheese!
Too creamy/cheesy for my liking…

Dessert was B&J’s strawberry cheesecake like omg how did you know my favourite flavour!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€
Sunday meal for 1.5 was $60 when on other days the same amount can feed 3 T_T

Yesterday I didn’t have school so I went to town to meet up for projects.
Before that, I went to have my 1pm breakfast at Wild Honey!
The only other time I dined at Wild Honey I was at Mandarin Gallery pre-blog.
Went to Scotts Square’s because I heard their stuff was better.

English breakfast!
That costed me $28 oh my glob.
To be frank I would pay a little less for better breakfast elsewhere like Antoinette, Hediard, Kith Cafe, etc. (I can’t think now)

The baked beans are weird.
But I finished them anyway because it is so weird it was addictive.
Their scrambled eggs were heavenly!
Loved their mushrooms!
The potatoes were really dry but when dipped into the baked beans they were so yummy!
The brioche was good until it wasn’t warm anymore.

Then went to Starbucks at Delfi Orchard to discuss project presentation and role-play!

Dinner was at Kim Gary because we were tricked by this Honkie Min to eat there.

Chicken chop burger!
Thought it was so-so…

Ummm I haven’t blogged in so long I am very lost but ya…
Today’s presentation and role-play was fun!
Ok bye.


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