Carpenter and Cook & Nook & Crystal Jade & Fatboy’s & Salted Caramel

I ate more than just that this week.
*open wallet and cries*

Tuesday’s dinner I went to Carpenter and Cook!

Super pretty place!

Yummy πŸ˜€
I took so long taking pictures by the time I ate it it was no longer warm though.

Passionfruit meringue tart! πŸ˜€
It has a 3″ diameter and costed $6.50 my heart nearly shattered.
But it was so worth it!

It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tart base, passionfruit filling and meringue were perfect in every way.
But once again, the meringue could improve by being 1 metre (this is so much yummier than the one in the previous post) in height.

After that I realised that that was my dinner and it wasn’t enough.
So I went to Nook -____-

The short stack!
Dark chocolate, strawberry farm and original buttermilk.

Finally I’m here for its specialty.
It was yummy!! πŸ˜€
Was so full and broke after dinner zzz….

Yesterday, class ended early and my group mates and I decided to go shop for props for our presentation.
Before that we went to Crystal Jade for lunch.
Every time you see that I eat something Chinese or Hong Kong, it is safe to assume that Min was the influence.

Her century egg congee!

My crazy filling bowl of dumpling noodles!
Super yummy!!
The noodles were springy and the dumplings oh my god the dumplings they were like meat-packed!
The prawns in it were super fresh!! πŸ˜€

Super yummy siew mai πŸ˜€
Meat-packed too!

Har gow shared with Lynette!
Meat-packed three!
Amanda the diet woman simply sat there and Instagrammed OUR food without eating them.
How brazen zzz…

Went to Little India and was sweating buckets and earned myself 3 blisters zzz
Bought bangles, bindis, incense sticks and fabric samples…
Then we stopped at various places trying to hydrate ourselves to no avail because when I thought I was in India in Singapore, I was actually in Egypt.
I went to Holland Village afterwards for dinner at Hatched with Fiona!
Was super full but crazy thirsty!

My dinner was mashed potatoes and lots of cups of water!

Today, I got to wear my first bindi!
So happy! I think bindis are cool! Yay!
Presentation went horribly zzz but whatever because I have a bindi.
After that was front desk practical and I now know for sure I cannot work in a hotel.
Because I laugh all the time.

After school, 7 of us went to Fatboy’s The Burger Bar!!
Always wanted to try their burgers!
It’s a wonder how I used to stay so close to Thomson Rd but I have never eaten at the restaurants that sprawled across the whole stretch.
Now you see why I eat at restaurants as though I’ve never seen them.
Because I didn’t.

Root beer float!
My ice-cream melted when my burger came and I got occupied with eating it.
Only then I realised the ice-cream had vanilla beans like urgh why did I let it melt completely?!

I got the Holy Caesar.
Not knowing what Caesar dressing is like because no waiters I’ve ever asked ever tells me what Caesar dressing is.
Like: “What’s Caesar dressing like?” “It’s Caesar dressing.”
So it’s like really white and tasted like modified mayonnaise YUCK.
So now I know 😦

The chicken was really nice!!!
The dressing destroyed my burger so I can’t lie and say the whole thing is nice.
The bacon was those crazy hard kind that I don’t like so ummm ewww.
Fries were yummy!!!
Want to try the Big Bello if I happen to return!

After that we went to Salted Caramel!

Ordered a scoop of Baileys.
Which didn’t taste like Baileys.
But like coffee.
Even the others who tried felt the same way.
So sad….
But it was yummy!
They could’ve named the flavour “not-Baileys” though…

Thomson Rd has lots and lots of food.
I see myself returning someday.
And getting lost.
(P.s. I’ve been lost twice this year already…)


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