Ricciotti & Tiong Bahru Bakery

I have no more presentations for this semester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But I have exams in 2 weeks and I am so completely unprepared…

Last Thursday I had dinner at Ricciotti!

Because pizza.

Prosciutto cotto e funghi pizza!
Their crust cannot compare to Pasta Fresca’s and it is smaller and more expensive too.

But their ingredients were in larger chunks so it was more flavourful…
I was actually quite full but once I was done, a waiter asked if I’d like a dessert.
Didn’t think to resist so I got myself a lemon meringue tart…

It was ok…
It’s my first ever lemon meringue tart so I’m not even sure what’s the definition of amazing.

Thought the meringue could improve by being about 50cm in height??

Last Friday’s dinner I went to Tiong Bahru Bakery with Joe!

Bloody Joe told me the almond croissant was good.
But he kept the better one to himself lor what the hell…

This is my chocolate almond croissant!
Nice but not fantastic, and utterly dull in comparison with

his freaking kouign-amann which is basically heaven in pastry form.
Need to get my own one day because I only stole a bit and it’s not enough 😦

Round 2 was at The Soup Spoon

Tokyo chicken stew!
So weird having a bun along with clear soup…

On Monday I went to Isetan’s Hokkaido fair and got me the thing I missed a lot from exactly one year back.

Yubari melon gelato!!!!! πŸ˜€
Ice-cream man was K. Suzuki again πŸ˜€
Only this time his name tag lost the K!
Before that I donated $1.20 (because I’m a poor soul) to my favourite sitty place buskers, as payment for yesteryear’s entertainment!

Ok, gonna write another separate post to continue this week’s dinners.
Stay tuned!


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