4 Fingers & Canton Paradise

My holidays are finally here!!
I didn’t bring out my camera for 2 weeks or so because without it I was less likely to spend more (my save-money-plan) but I failed la…
I ended up having to take pictures of awesome food with my sad iPod’s camera…

Yesterday after my last paper I went to Orchard Road with half my class!
My class is terrible at outings I have no idea why… but we do try.

We went to have lunch at 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken! 😀

Chicken burger that’s not mine!
I should have ordered this because I love it most :/

My 6pcs soy garlic 😀

4 Fingers should replace at least half of KFC outlets in Singapore lor…

Walked past Uniqlo, ran in and bought a shirt hahahaha cos SANRIO!!!!
Then I realised the class was waiting outside omg…
Thought we had plans but we didn’t so everyone parted instead! -____-
Was shopping with Lynette and Amanda…

Got myself some strawberry pino 😀 with Lynette’s Duffy!!!!!! 😀

Then after trying to look for affordable golf stuff, I failed.
On 22 Feb – 10 Mar there will be a golf sale… I WANT MY OWN SET SUPER BADLY!!

Want this golf bag!!
It’s so pretty but I haven’t seen it anywhere…
Went shopping and bought more stuff!
I actually bought a collared shirt (meant for tennis) just so that I could play golf -___-
Terrible choice cos it sucks… T_T

Popiah was my dinner!

Today I went to Warren Golf & Country Club 😀
Met Lynette on the train before that!
2 days ago she casually said she misses golfing and I just wanted to play golf so badly la…
We bought 400 balls -____- but we played only 200 .___.
Marissa came to play too!
So cool they met before at their golf lessons!
Which makes me a noob because I never had lessons but then I hit further and straighter than them ok… 😀
Had some blisters but Lynette’s was worse!
She also had no money for gloves and we really should have bought gloves before playing -__-

Found these super cute golf gloves at the shop!
It was a pair and came with a pouch! So we could use one each temporarily…
It was $36 but the nice man gave me a discount for no reason and I paid only $29!! 😀

Soooo cute!

After we finished the 200 balls we went to Marissa’s school!
Got a cool visitor’s pass hahahahaha 😀
Her school food’s not tasty 😦
After a while we went home la…

Ok so here are a few pictures from when I didn’t blog:

Went to Watami with Don some time back!

My favourite chicken katsu toji 😀

They had student prices so I got it for a much lower price than normal!

His beef rice! Crazy cheap!!!!
I don’t know if I took photo of my milk ice-cream from J-mart T_T cos I can’t find it…

One day I went to Canton Paradise!
Think it was Chinese New Year and so many shops were closed and finding dinner was so difficult 😦

Dumpling noodles which is nowhere near as good as Crystal Jade’s 😦
Ended the day with Gelateria Italia‘s Caramel Baileys 😀

Thought of a way to put as much sprinkles as possible because it’s really yummy so I dug a well in my gelato and filled the hole with sprinkles 😀

Ok that’s all…
Tomorrow and the day after I will be ushering at Chingay!
Don’t even know what Chingay is about lor…
Can’t wait to play golf again!


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