Bistro Du Vin

Today I was just casually walking down a road I’ve never set foot on before…
And then I saw Bistro Du Vin!
Always heard of it, never manage to find it because it’s at Shaw House Level 2 (???) and you can’t see it…
Because it’s outside… -____-
Heard it’s a good French restaurant from somewhere, I just know la ok I don’t know where I learnt it…

Had the set lunch!
Because I was studying the menu from outside, contemplating until someone popped out and invited me in…
And I have a low propensity to reject food, especially when staff are so nice… T_T
Bye, my money…
Foie gras ravioli!
I have never had foie gras before so I might as well try my first where it is said good.
And the verdict? I don’t like foie gras.
I took about 1/3 of a tablespoon of it and I almost threw up omg T_T
It tasted so fat and so… that same feeling I get when I eat sashimi… what is that?!?!?!!
There goes my hopes and dreams of becoming some food & travel host because

     i) I cannot like a lot of food such as chilli, sashimi, and the supposedly godly French delicacy foie gras
    ii) I don’t even remember the last time I traveled & I panic just at the thought of camps/sleepovers

Finished the three yummy slices of mushrooms… stained with the sauce!
Very yummy! I think I’d enjoy the appetiser if I were socially-acceptable-human enough to like supposedly good food.
Left everything else untouched though… T_T SORRY FOOD GOD I HAVE FAILED YOU
At least now I know not to try foie gras again until I feel adventurous again, if I dare.
Main course was duck leg confit!!
Yummy!!!!!!! 😀
I can’t compare this to the one at Cocotte because I don’t remember what it tastes like anymore o.o
But it was very fat too… But duh…
The leek-pommery mash was unexpectedly yummy!
I mean I don’t even like mashed stuff to begin with… neither do I remember what a leek is…
But I think I like it…? Ya I was undecided and I still am so I actually ate only half of it because everything so far was crazy satiating!
(Look at me fail at loving food)
(Look at me lose my dream job that was never mine ha ha ha T_T)
Dessert was creme caramel!
Damn it why don’t you just burn that thing for me T_T
I was craving for creme brulee and it wasn’t on the set lunch menu!
But it was yummy man!
It’s my first time trying this creme caramel thing but seriously man you can never be better than your burnt relative 😡
To be honest I find it very odd having coffee at the end of a meal o.o
So it was black coffee and I added milk and sugar myself, something I believe I cannot master.
Caramel from before also masked the sweetness so it’s clear I cannot like this very cup.

Dinner was at MOF!
Mango kakigori!
First time I’m not sharing it with a friend 😦
This is also the first time it looks so miserable…
Mango was sour too!!
What the hell man?!?!!!?!!!
But it’s mango kakigori.
Nobody hates mango kakigori.

Just realised I said almost everything was yummy while not liking anything very much at all.
My life is so confusing hahahahahahahaha


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