Cheng’s Seafood Village & Obolo & Au Chocolat

(Look at me start a new post abruptly)

Have you seen a birthday cake so plain o.o

But birthday cake 2 from First Love Patisserie was so yummy!! 😀
It’s the original mille crepe because I’m boring and I don’t like to try out the flavoured ones…

Dinner that day was so awesome though!!
Went to Cheng’s Seafood Village!!!!!!!!!!
(Really need to figure out how I can go there without a car)

Coconut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this a lot!

Prawn omelette 😀

The amazing hot plate venison!!!!!! 😀
So tender so yummy so yummy so deer

Chilli crab!!!! 😀
(and I thought I don’t eat chilli)(but it doesn’t taste like chilli, just spicy)

Cod fish!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
And to think I don’t even really fancy fish
A little more than $100 for 2 and it’s like so worth it because it feeds 4 or something lololololololol

Then there was one day I had dinner at my favourite Pasta Fresca with Joe!

Ordered my usual one and he ordered some weird thing with a lot of things I don’t eat so we didn’t share…
And before that I fell down on this stone steps thing that grated my legs as if I were cheese and Joe was at an above floor laughing at me with some random stranger standing beside him?!?!?!?!
Then we went to Obolo because the macarons were raved about by… themselves….? or something… HAHAHAHAHA

Champagne, salted caramel, pistachio!
Normally, what happened would enrage any customer but we just found it too funny la!!!
I was deciding between salted caramel and hazelnut so I wanted to ask for a recommendation so:
“Would you recommend salted ca-” “SALTED CARAMEL!” *grabs macaron and puts in bag*
And after eating it the salted caramel wasn’t even satisfactory!!!
But the champagne one was yummy and ya it was really good but I appreciate the hilarity of the Obolo woman more HAHAHAHAHA 😀

Lost my phone on the 14th…
Which means I’ve been without a phone for 2 weeks already…
This sucks…
Because I urgently need a phone very soon because how am I going to contact the BA freshmen without a phone…

Then after work one day I went to Au Chocolat with Lynette!

Truffle fries!!!! 😀
Their truffle fries are SO good!

Truffle oil was just sufficient to be non-overwhelming and the fries was just perfectly potatoey and crispy wow

Eggs Benedict!!
Really delicious!!!!!!!! But a painful $18 for a very just eggs Benedict…
In the sense that the plate literally has 2 muffins and no sides etc.
But the eggs were so perfectly poached when it exploded I thought I heard the me in parallel universe gasp.
Advice: have this when someone pays for you because it hurts…

Then there was another day I went golfing with Lynette!
Before that we went to Ci Gusta!

Tiramisu and salted caramel brownie gelato!
Not that fantastic in my opinion…
After golfing, we went to the pasar malam and the honey chicken cutlet was so good and the coconut was so good!!
Ok then I went all the way to Pasir Ris for tea at her place with Amanda!!!!!!

Her mum bakes awesome!!!!!! And she collects like awesome pins and dolls it’s so cool!!!!!!
Then after that I went to school to see my friends boarding another bus omg
We went to Tea Party Cafe for dinner!
(Ya I was eating the whole day)

Some mushroom basil pasta thingy!
With so much orange light I could’ve captioned the image orange and you’d believe me…

Then another day after camp prep, we went to Astons for dinner!

Cream of mushroom!

Chargrilled chicken + pasta salad + fries 😀
See how boring I am yet?
My first and second Astons meal is exactly the same. I think.

Ok I think I’ll stop here because 3 consecutive posts would be too much…?
And because the album I’m listening to while blogging is beginning its 3rd loop already…
And recently I bought these 2 for a total of $18.94!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIG ASS STEAL because they were at 50% off ^___^
Yea I’m listening to Cats now because I love Skimbleshanks!
Oh ya last Sunday I cooked this:

Scrambled eggs and sauteed mushrooms!
Ok bye


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