Riders Cafe

Hello I spent a whole month sleeping that’s why the blog was not updated for that long…
Just kidding, I was very busy with camp preparations and then I just forgot how to find time to blog but I did take lots of pictures as usual…

Ok so some time long ago I went to Maison Kayser

Had this pear thingy that was really nice!!
Oh ya… this was on the day I went to sign some contract to get a job I grew to hate and even detest!
Early dinner was at The House of Robert Timms

For the first time I resisted ordering the same damn thing I always come back for!

French toasts with fresh fruits!!
Was really yummy but it was completely meatless omg how can I survive without meat!!!
Ummm and then…

Pistachio, tiramisu and that blue thing at il Gelato di Bruno 😀

On my birthday, I got lost.
I was to go to school for the very first camp prep T_T at 10am T_T
So I had to go for my birthday breakfast even earlier!
Spent an hour finding my way around a completely wrong area however close in the blistering heat until I gave up and flagged down a taxi.
That’s how difficult locating Riders Cafe is for a Singaporean idiot. ..

But it was all worth it!!!
I had a really sad table with bad light and bad view but my camera was amazing anyway and I could see a horse in the distance and another at closer range being cleaned or something!
Great place to chill with friends over brunch I suppose…

Vanilla latte!!!
(Or did I ordered it hazelnut…?)
It was really nice 😀

The Usual!
Entirely amazing in every way!!!

Every item was so delicious and perfectly done, if the plate was edible it’d be really yummy too for sure…
After that, I had no idea how to get out of the place because it is so inaccessible…
The waiter had to help me to call a taxi just so I could get out of the place…
I really want to return but I don’t know how until I have a car I can drive (I AM WAITING TO TAKE MY BTT)

Birthday cake 1 was from Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude!!!!!!!

Strawberry cake!!!
i. Mummy ordered the wrong cake at first
ii. They didn’t give me the candle thingy so I couldn’t put candles on the cake
iii. I randomly arranged the candles anyway because what’s a birthday cake without candles
iv. No flame at all and the stove has to be involved in igniting the candles
v. Observe how the cake isn’t on a table
My life sucks la but still a whole lot better than many thank god

Ok so some other day, I had post-work lunch at Marché Bar & Bistro with Lynette and Yusof!

The chicken crepe thingy!
Was so yummy!!! Although it’s like green green one but it’s good!
But the side salad was a sponge in disguise. Don’t eat it is my advice.
After that we had dessert at Canelé!

Fleur de sel and feuilletine macarons are my favourites (because I like to eat what I like and I don’t try other flavours)

And then watermelon and the blue thing from the abovementioned gelato shop 😀

Ok I’m gonna end here and continue on another post don’t ask me why I’m equally clueless


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