Skinny Pizza & Antoinette

Hello! I am very hungry but I shall torture myself first to update the blog 😀

That day after camp prep I went to Skinny Pizza with Yong Chin, Fiona and Jue Yin! 😀

This is the portobello mushroom soup!!
So yummy!
There was this other weird sweet corn crab soup that I didn’t like because eee…

The English breakfast!
Looks super pretty because of the egg but now that I think of it I don’t really know what I ate…
It was nice though!!
Don’t really like this barely-there crust thing because I’d rather have a bunch of toppings on a plate for pizza isn’t pizza if it ain’t fattening.

Bolognese with mozzarella!
It’s like pasta in pizza form without the pasta or the pizza.
Or rather, sauce.
I tried the huge chunk of cheese and hahahahaha maybe it’s not cheese because it is weird
Omg I’m so hungry now…

Harissa prawns and truffle fries!!
Truffle fries was yummy duh and I didn’t eat the harissa prawns because it looked like chilli raped them…
I did however eat the mango that came with it, the one that Fiona thought was something else (forgot what it was) and picked up with her fingers hahahahahaha
Ok then we went to Spotlight and there were so many pretty cloths and I was yay I cannot sew, neither do I have a machine…

Then that day I went to quit my job, I went to Orchard to pass my time sheet to the office zzz
Then I went to Antoinette for lunch because I had little time to eat and I couldn’t think of anywhere else quick enough to not eat the exact same thing again.

The viennoiseries that came with the meal!
So good 😀

Antoinette’s breakfast!!!
The dish that made me fall in love with egg yolk back then 😀
But obviously I was thoroughly disappointed with the broken yolk because it’s my job to burst it, not yours 😦
I need the school to sell meals like such daily because I don’t think I can ever get sick of it.

Then it was very hot… so mummy past Tiong Bahru and we were like let’s go eat ice kacang because seriously Singapore’s weather is so crazy…

Yay at Tian Tian Yuan Dessert House!!
Yummy 😀 😀 😀
Dinner was NeNe Chicken because mummy couldn’t get over hearing “nene pop” on the radio some time back and she keeps going on about it so ya finally we get to eat it!

Only like the glove and fries…
Their chicken was so tasteless and dry (I got the original one) and the table beside went “this is the same as KFC” and in my head I was like “no, your taste buds need fixing”…
The fries was really good though!
They should rename the shop NeNe Fries instead, really.
The glove is like the best concept ever!??!!??!
Hate getting my hands oily la and I think every restaurant should issue gloves upon request because it is brilliant.

Ok that’s all for now I am so hungry

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