Upper Thomson Road

Just trying to catch up on my posts…

There was one day after camp prep we went to Upper Thomson for dinner!
Was kind of hopping, or maybe it is hopping.
Ok it is hopping.
Firstly, we went to The Roti Prata House!

My kosong was so tiny at 90 cents but it was not bad!!

Shared the chocolate banana prata with Michelle!
Yummy!! 😀 But it was very oily, evidently.

Next was Ming Fa Fishball!

Ba chor mee, mee pok, dry, no chilli and vinegar (and self-removed livers and pig’s crunchy fats cubes)
Didn’t find it super duper nice though…
The ba chor mee store adjacent had more enticing aroma (which led me to hop), but they insisted that Ming Fa was the better one… so ok lor…
The soup was damn good though!!!!!
But the uncle hates me la…
When I asked for more soup he didn’t give me the spring onions 😦

Then we went to Rochor Beancurd House 😀
Wanted something cold so I got the grass jelly
(photo of it that I deleted because it turned out ugly)
And next was the best part!
A not-too-long distance from where we were and omg such fun.
It had 3 awesome hugeass swings, a flying fox, some crazy spinning thing and a weird forever wet fake trampoline lol
Don’t know how or why but I left all sweaty and red-faced…

Monday we went again!
Was dying of hunger on the bus ride…
And I wanted something else so I ate at Udders alone, with my friends.

Like I was sitting alone, while my friends were scattered everywhere eating other stuff together…

The udder chick! 😀
The chicken was meh…
But the pancakes, however little, was really good!!!!
There wasn’t that raw batter taste that I don’t like and it was so… pancakey?
Tasted a bit of maple syrup on the top 2 but even without it was yummy!
What the hell? Pancakes on its own! Dear school, please sell.

After that I went to the ba chor mee store to steal soup 😀 (from friends la)
Went to Salted Caramel Artisan Ice Cream!

Lychee and salted caramel! 😀
Walked over to Rochor Beancurd House again and this time I got the grass jelly drink lol
And then it was playground time!!
Spent most of my time on the swings because I couldn’t run because I needed to shit lol

Ok ok so there was one day I finally got to eat Chai Ho’s satay again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Totally love their satay ;____;
20 for me!!!!!! (There was also fish soup involved in the dinner)

Oh and I finally got my mini Starbucks card!!!!!!

Crazy smart marketing because I just died upon hearing the news and I actively drank coffee every (almost) morning!
Oh and Sunday I cooked again!

I am such a chef yay


(Stop being so jealous, guys)


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