BAOC 2013

Hello I love JAJ/Gallant Gladiators 😀
Spent my whole holiday going back to school helping out with preparations. And for food.
Because if I don’t go out I will literally die because of the foodlessness.
When I heard I was to go back every weekday I almost died because it meant I wouldn’t have anymore table-for-1s and shopping every other day like I used to during other holidays.
But I preferred this so much more because I saved money, made lots of friends, and most importantly, found the best playground in Singapore! But without the company the playground would be of course less than best.
And to think I got all these out of merely supporting my friend in the beginning when I applied for it.
Super love my batch of freshmen in subgroup 12!
They were all rather shy on the first day naturally, but they made friends eventually and they didn’t just stick with the one or two they got to know the first day leh omg cry
My own experience was damn sad like everyone was so quiet and when people are quiet I just die and then nobody knows I’m actually some more than noisy as hell person and when I see my group mates we’re like hi and that’s all, except for Grace cos I worship her on Twitter she’s so funny it’s a pity I didn’t talk to her throughout the 3 days zzz…
Then on games day all of them were so fierce they won all but one game!!!
So proud of them hahahaha but my BAOC games were like shit compared to this year’s! JEALOUS. (JULUS) LOLOLOL

Upgraded big fish small fish with the useless (during performance) SCs
And then I had to do a forfeit with a freshman cos I lost and I ran around Munch screaming…
And there were people I know in there so it was all the more worse…

Performance day my group had like 4 performers and 1 non-performer going up to participate in some game thing omg all your enthusiasm is everyone’s motivation please!
And before dismissing them forever they gave us this paper thing and they wrote stuff on them like what the hell I’m a useless SC I never do anything for them 😦
Apparently everyone is obsessed with my laughter……
But wait till you all hear Serena’s! Before I met her everyone was like omg you need to meet Serena, her laughter is the same as yours but then I did meet her and no, it’s so much worse hahahahahaha

And it’s really shitty every day of my life I’m missing out on so much because my phone is like what? Nokia 1661?!?!?!?!

Ok if you think I can do a blog post without food, dream on………
Before meeting the SCs to shop for identities I went to Antoinette alone and had macarons 🙂


Haven’t blogged about it yet but my 500D died and revived and to thank all the gods, I went vegetarian that day.
It was so painful, I tell you!!!
My lunch was literally goreng pisang + fruits + sugar cane I don’t even know how vegetarians live without meat (stupid but ya)
It got worse when I had dinner at The Manhattan Fish Market
Because I had suffered vegetarianing for almost the whole day I wouldn’t waste all my efforts because I was tempted to have fish!
My lack of cash was very helpful in keeping me vegetarian… zzz

Garlic herb rice LOL

Fried country mushrooms LOL
Post-dinner we went to Marble Slab Creamery 😀

Shared birthday cake and red velvet cake with Michelle 😀 Yums
That night we played heart attack with cards… omg my reaction was so slow I became a level 10 pig and had to embarrass myself in front of a whole stranger group of NP students zzz

Then on blue extensions day I ran away with Adeline to buy

Teng Yu chee cheong fun!! 😀
Always running away to buy yummy food so that others cannot have it hahaha! The only way I shall ever run lolol
And another day after Al-Azhar we went to Udders for ice-cream!

Baileys and bourbon 😀
And a random day I was with mummy and I got tutu kueh

Didn’t like it LOLOL

Ok that’s all for now… there’s so many posts I have to do I can’t keep up 😦

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