&Made by Bruno Menard

Finally a time to blog! (actually I have a whole bunch of homework waiting for me)
I’m very lost.. I haven’t blogged in so long I don’t know which I have yet to blog about and when it was but ya…

Went to &Made for lunch with Joe a few days before the start of the new semester!

Chicken + mozzarella + BBQ sauce and truffle fries 😀
The burger was good!
Although they left out the portobello I ordered for my burger…

I’m a supporter of any burger I can slice top down without crumbling because my religion requires me to eat with my bare hands as little as possible… (my own religion called Casiaism ok)
I’m sure it would taste much better if I ordered something from the menu instead of creating my own because they were weird together hahahaha

The truffle fries were amazing <333
An additional $6 anytime for them 🙂

Shared a caramello sundae!!
It was so good! Every single layer was a dream 😀
Right taste, right texture, right everything.

And then another day I think it was the first day of the semester, I went to Chomp Chomp Food Centre for dinner with my new classmates (not new friends though)!!

BBQ chicken wings!
So oily but so good 🙂

My favourite mammoth sugar cane juice

BBQ stingray without chilli hahahahaha
Because myself and one other was anti-chilli!
Didn’t even know they ordered this hahahahah it looks funny already!
It’s my first time eating stingray because it always comes raped by chilli
It’s very tender and…. tasteless hahahahaha
But according to everyone the stingray here is the best so ok here’s a yummy tasteless marine animal for you anti-chilli humans!

15 chicken satays, ALL MINE <333333333
I still really like Chai Ho’s satay though 🙂

Carrot cake!!!
Wasn’t satisfactory :/

Here’s a lone picture of a black carrot cake I had at Tiong Bahru for dinner one other night:

Nope, nothing to rave about too.

Ok back to Chomp Chomp day…

After dinner we went to Udders!!

Yummy but so expensive ;__;
I think I look really young or something because among the whole group I was the only one who was asked if I was 18…
I said “ya” but the girl behind the counter was so fierce and demanded to see my IC T_T

Ok I’m going to start on another post because I don’t wish to look at my homework yet hahahahahah

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