Tim Ho Wan

Honestly, I had absolutely no idea what Tim Ho Wan is until my friends began raving about it and Yong Chin and Fiona brought me there one day for dinner.
Apparently some Michelin Star dim sum place…
Crazy queue, I tell you…
Learnt some Cantonese while queueing so I now know how to say “hello”, “I want to eat”, “I want to eat hargow”, “don’t stand near the car door”(???) lol yay Cantonese!!

Their famous baked BBQ pork bun!


Glutinous rice!
Took a mouthful and didn’t like it because the leaf was overwhelming

Shrimp chee cheong fun!

Chicken feet that I will never ever attempt to eat because really, chicken step on their own droppings yuck.

Beancurd skin roll!
Too oily and crispy for my liking

Hargow <3333
This isn’t superb though..

Siew mai!

Spring roll!!

Overall I thought Tim Ho Wan is really overrated or maybe it’s my expectations from everyone else’s recommendations that has warped the experience.

Also, recently I went to Goodwood Park Hotel for a dinner…
No pictures because it was a buffet and I hate taking pictures at buffets 😦
Of all days of having flu that was the day I had a blocked nose.
How unlucky… when I hardly ever eat at hotels T_T

I have some pictures still on my camera; shall leave those for another day!!
Tomorrow I’ll be skipping a lesson to take my BTT… I hope I’ll pass T_T

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