Raindrops Cafe

Hello! Haven’t blogged in ages (I always say this because it is true)…
But before I begin my post, as a member of the marketing committee, I shall so very kindly exploit my blog to advertise the event my class is organising!!!!

It is an event to show everyone the difference between our current society and a society that is kinder and more gracious in an effort to encourage everyone to be a little kinder.
Do follow for updates on the when and where!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kindzone
Instagram: @kindzonesg

So once upon a time, I went to Kith Cafe for solo lunch…

It wasn’t just solo, it was more of isolated, forever.
Because I was seated at a far end, almost beside another shop and I had trouble getting the attention of the waiters to take my order…

Sourdough & scrambled eggs 😀
I think I can eat breakfast for every meal and not get bored. I think.

Vanilla latte!! 😀

Then on another day, I was way too early meeting my friends for lunch so I went for solo coffee at my favourite Oriole! 😀

Vanilla latte! AGAIN.
No recommendations = no change ok?!
Vanilla latte is my blood.
Love their coffee super much.
They should make candles with their coffee or something so I can make rooms smell like their coffee forever.
After that I went for solo lunch at Raindrops Cafe because my friends were eating wanton mee and I had a negative craving for that that very day…

The mushroom soup was unsatisfactory and the bread it came with was like stale edible stone??

Fish and chips…
Now look at the colour of the fish!!!
Was constantly wondering how old the oil was or if they deliberately cooked it till it turned out this way…
Truffle oil was on the salad rather than the fries; bad idea I’d say.
Best thing there was probably their water??

Okok then recently I had solo dinner at Ricciotti but on a wrong day because the promotion was something I wasn’t really entitled to so ya bye money.

Had this grilled chicken thigh with potato wedges and mixed salad with truffle & veal jus!! 😀
The sauce was really yummy I’d drink it but only I didn’t :/
This dish was quite pricey but still rather worth the money but still ouch…
But that’s okay! I haven’t had a good meal in a long time which also explains my lack of posts.

There, a post dedicated to table-for-1-ings!
Oh oh I also got my awesome pizza necklace some time back!

Wore it for about a week then I stopped because the chain decided to sort of completely turn black-ish and I’m sad…
So until I find a replacement chain that necklace stays in the cute pouch it came in!


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