d’ Good Café

I have a 30% exam on Tuesday and I’m unprepared and I’m blogging 😀
Because the aforementioned café deserves it!
Or because today was really fun with Jia En 😀

Went to Starbucks to do project and study!

Buttery croissant and vanilla latte are my Starbucks best friends 😀

Jia En stalked her friend who went to d’Good Café before and said she wanted to try eggs Benedict and I’m all like let’s go!!!!!
So for dinner we walked all the way to Holland Village!
I miss that place so much; haven’t been there much since the beginning of school.
The last time I was at Holland Village I don’t remember seeing this café so it might be new or something…

Anyway, the lift to go to level 2 & 3 where it’s at is way cool!!

Cannot emphasise how chillax the ambience is so I leave you a screencap of a video I took when I was seated at the swing.
Grass, freaking grass.

Cream of mushroom soup!
Flavour is all there but the consistency was too watery for my liking.
Satisfactory though!

Homemade English Breakfast!
Breakfast for dinner because all-day breakfasts are the bests.
Scrambled eggs were too creamy but were still decent as with the other items on the plate.
Couldn’t give their coffee a try because that might cause insomnia…
Heard it’s good so I’ll most likely return because the whole place is just so cosy and comfortable and they have power outlets here and there and that makes it a new study haven for future study weeks.

Recently I managed to make Jia En like Electricity from Billy Elliot the Musical and we spent post-dinner time lip-syncing to the song for Instagram video, which she sucks at hahahahahahhaha 😀
And if it wasn’t obvious enough, all the photos in this post were taken from Instagram.

P.S. I can’t wait to watch The Phantom of the Opera with Yumiko!
P.S.S. I really want to watch Next to Normal & Hairspray!!!


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