20 July was KINDZONE!
In the morning, I met Fiona and Nicole and Lynette for breakfast at Kith Cafe!

Ordered hazelnut latte and then realised I’ve had it before and didn’t like it because I couldn’t taste the hazelnut at all!

Grilled chicken salad!
Didn’t like the greens so you could imagine how much excess I spent for mere chicken and tomatoes and if you insist, apples too.

Hurried to the Wisma Atria walkway where the Kindzone would be at when we were done with our meal!

Event setup!

Feels damn weird having all the stuff I designed from scratch printed huge and displayed on Orchard Road.

The balloons are super cute!! ^__^

(photo stolen from Jia En)

During setup I saw a little girl on a kick scooter and I was like “awww so cute…” in my head.
And I promptly snatched the balloon that Bernard was holding and gave it to her! 😀

She’s the first person to receive the KINDZONE balloons, even before the start of the event!
Look at how happy she is!!! 😀

Also had my first Boost before the event.
Tried the watermelon lychee crush and was entirely hooked because since I have had 2 more. Of the same thing.

I was appointed a photographer for the event so I was secretly quite happy about it because I could interact less with humans.
Of course I did interact too, but much lesser which I prefer and I have no particular reason for that!!!!!!
The photographs I took are not with me so I can’t put it into this post.
Had some photographs which I loved a lot!!
One that made me really happy was when a group was sitting at the steps and taking pictures of themselves with the kindness messages that we gave out!
There were other instances where I saw through my viewfinder people reading the messages upon receiving them and smiling (I LAGGED AND DID NOT MANAGE TO CAPTURE THE SMILE)!
Those were my favourites because KINDZONE is to bring across the idea that a simple act of kindness can brighten someone’s day and that very response shows just that!

(photo stolen from Jia En)

I’d say KINDZONE is a success!
Found some people who actually bothered to #kindzonesg their Instagram posts to share!

@racheldooley: Love #singapore and its free hugs! #kindzonesg

@wusallywu: Received this when walking on the road! Made my day! Lol #kindzonesg

(photo stolen from Jia En)
So happy to see these!

The team that made KINDZONE happen, TR03! 😀 (photo stolen from Jia En)
I brought that banner home too!!
After all it is my hard work hahahahahaha I have no use for it though…

A Cloudstaprint with Yuxuan after the event! 😀
When everything was cleared, we went to get more Boost.
Dinner was at Eighteen Chefs 🙂

Iced lemon tea

Cheese baked pasta with chicken slices, chicken sausages and mushrooms!
The food is relatively affordable and is more than decent; I love it!
Saturday was really fun and I ended the day with a fun dinner too! 😀

This morning I bumped into Yuxuan after getting my breakfast so she got hers too and we went to the BA office together and each got a free copy of The Straits Times.
No, I don’t read the papers.
Flipped through it for one reason.

Read the article here: Game for hug? You’ve entered ‘kind zone’
KINDZONE was in the newspaper yay!!!!! 😀
Was really disappointed reading the article though.
There were so many wrong information!
For one they did not say that the event is named “KINDZONE” and the boundary is called “Kindzone” and they conveniently called it “‘kind zone'” with the inverted commas. Jesus Christ!
Purpose and details of the event was a little off too… 😦
A comment from someone who was in the Kindzone was “I don’t think anyone is unkind by nature, but maybe we are not as friendly as people in Western countries. It is just a cultural difference.”
Which is true as true can be but the whole point of KINDZONE is to encourage people to open up and start being less hesitant towards offering kind gestures. Neither did we say anyone was unkind. We emphasized on kinder. 😦
Hugging a stranger or giving a stranger a high-5 requires one to step out of their comfort zone!
And that can help people to open up, be more friendly, show more kindness, etc.

Was kind of pissed reading some comments left on this SGAG post on Facebook.
Some have no idea what KINDZONE is all about yet they say stuff like
“This “event” is dumb and serve no purpose”,
“Money is more practical. Try paying with a hug for your food…”,
“acting “kind”….bo liao”, etc.

However, some supported us so I was really happy! 🙂

Crazy amount of effort put in for a 40% class project for a module.
But it’s worth it from the outcome of KINDZONE!
Super hope we don’t have to raise another $1,000 to fund our event (obviously quite clueless about the admin stuff of KINDZONE)…


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