Hong Kong


Day 1 – Tsim Sha Tsui

At Kai Kee Noodles 雞記潮州麵食 (Thank god for 4sq because I can’t read most chinese words)

It was so-so.

Love this story so much when I saw this pin I was like awwwww and it is now mine.


Mango deluxe liquid nitrogen ice-cream!
Sounds cool and all but guess what?
In search for a seat I completely did not watch my ice-cream being made so yay where did the novelty of my ice-cream go?!?!?!?!?!
It tastes ordinary though.

Some strawberry yogurt drink thingy…
I still don’t like yogurt.

Yummy 😀
And packaging win!

Saw this in every glass and couldn’t for once fathom why anyone would don this on their necks.

Dinner at Canton’s Kitchen Dim Sum Expert

Ultra yummy chee cheong fun 😀

Some sort of vegetable (I don’t know how to identify anything that is not broccoli or cauliflower)

Some roll thingy that was nice but a tad too oily

Chicken feet and nope still not putting that stuff in my mouth!

BBQ pork buns 😀

Har gow 😀

Siew mai 😀

Some other roll thingy…

Was ultra full but still went for desserts anyway!
Went to Hoi Tin Tong for herbal jelly.
I spent the whole time in the shop laughing because of its name!!!!! 😀

When I first realised what the shop name was I laughed because HOI TIN TONG omg hahahahahaha
I died when my ears activated and OMG I DIED I DIED.
You know those bell thing that goes off whenever someone enters the shop???
I took a video but I don’t know (I’m just too lazy because WP is troublesome too) how to put it here.

At the 40th floor (I think) of Hotel Panorama and getting blown away (literally too, because it was ultra windy).
Gorgeous view, crazy wind, assholes smoking.

Day 2

Breakfast at Tsui Wah Restaurant 翠華餐廳!

Ham and abalone macaroni soup

Sunny side up and bread

Some bolo bun or something…

Orange juice that was somewhat diluted…
Food’s not bad 😀

Took the MTR

To Mong Kok!

Lunched at Baby Café!
First and foremost, the lighting there was terrible and wholly unsuited for photography or maybe it’s just me .__.


Very aromatic coffee! 😀

Bread duh

Baby tasting platter!

Truffle scrambled eggs on toast 😀

Really nice salmon that I couldn’t stomach much because it wasn’t fully cooked and yes I cannot eat raw fish.

Pasta 😀

78% dark molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream

Delicious 😀

Choux Creme was good 😀

The burnt toast Mona Lisa that I’ve seen online before!

Really liked K11 because it was real quirky.

So cute!

Dinner at Xia Fei Shanghainese 霞飛點心拉麵!

8 xiao long baos all for me <33333 😀

Cute fishes 😀

Original custard pudding with kuromitsu syrup from Wa-sakuraya Japanese Sweets 和櫻屋
Yummy 😀

Bought half a dozen macarons from Paul Lafayet
Spent the whole time before sleeping using social media while snacking on them all 😀

Vanilla, passion fruit, caramel, chocolate, pistachio and Baileys.

Favourite was caramel because the centre was super buttery and smooth 😀

Day 3… wasn’t much of a day at all because it was meant for leaving.
Breakfast was at Tsui Wah Restaurant 翠華餐廳 again because I missed their eggs!

Mini wonton w/ noodles and shrimp roe in fish soup

Not bad 🙂
Was so devastated when they said they didn’t sell their eggs alone!!!!!!
Asked again after finishing my noodles and hell yeah they do sell their eggs alone!

With some soy sauce it was heaven 😀

But the last day was also the day I was waiting for because… The Magic of Hong Kong Disneyland!



Bought this handful and still want more.
I need to go to Tokyo DisneySea I really have to T_T

Awwww ❤

Haven’t tried the cookies but it’s ok the tin is so awwwww…..

Then it was goodbye and back to school.

Was really really happy to have gone for a short getaway after 4 years of being stuck in Singapore.
Can’t wait for Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀


2 thoughts on “Hong Kong

  1. when i was in HK i laughed so hard everytime i saw the pig pendant thing lOLOLOL LIKE EVERY SINGLE JEWELRY STORE HAS THAT HAHAHAHAHA WHO THE HELL BUYS THAT SHIT


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