The days I did not have dinner at The Rotisserie

The title basically sums up what this almost useless post is about…

The day I had to go to school I food-hopped for dinner at Serangoon with Nicole and Yong Chin!

Saw the kombi and 911 at one location which is crazy like 2 of my favourite vehicles were right in front of my eyes!?!
Gotta chiong my practical lessons because my test is in about 2 months πŸ˜€

Truffle fries at The Factory which is so below expectations compared to how they both described it prior to coming to Serangoon…
I couldn’t smell any trace of truffle in it the whole time from its arrival to its death but only so rarely tasted a little bit of barely-there truffle oil in my fries. 😦

Then we went to Chomp Chomp and I got a grass jelly longan which was nice πŸ˜€

Had chicken bolognese at iSteaks Grillhouse and for some reasons I felt that it tasted like beer…
And then Nicole and I shared a wedge of watermelon at the rooftop of myVillage!

Watermelon in the dark is by far one of the more thrilling experiences in my recent life (because my life is boring)

Another day I walked all the way to Holland Village with all hopes of eating Yoshimaru Ramen and I had no idea dinner starts at 6pm so I thought they were closed and I was so sad!!!!
I settled for Everything with Fries quite unhappily…

My favourite one egg soup! πŸ˜€

Spaghetti bolognese that was meh

Garlic and herb fries that I failed to finish because I was really full and it was no longer warm 😦

CHAI HO SATAY!!!! <333333333
It was about 7pm and I was very hungry and they ran out of chicken so I had pork.
Before I could even finish my 20 sticks, the crowd dispersed because THEY RAN OUT OF SATAY!!!
Thank goodness I got mine because I was famished.

The day I went to Bishan to study I had a motive.
Food-hopped with Yuxuan with less than $10 each πŸ˜€
Went to Longhouse because I have been wanting to eat here again each time I come to Thomson and NOT eat here.

My favourite herbal chicken from Day N Night Herbal Soup πŸ˜€
$6 for a half chicken πŸ˜€

Duck rice with eggs from Soon Kee πŸ˜€ $3.50

$1 goreng pisang πŸ˜€
After that we went to Ming Fa Fishball for ba chor mee!

Then we went to Scoopz and since she worked there we had a 40-cent discount hahahahaha

Freezeball!!!!! πŸ˜€
$1.40 yay hahahahaha
Love Thomson Rd because EVERYTHING IS SO YUMMY?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

After the first paper, I went with Yuxuan and George to attempt to study for the next paper with whatever time we were left with.
Too hungry to study so I brought them to my favourite Pasta Fresca!

My usual prosciutto e funghi πŸ˜€
I was so happy that they liked it too yay πŸ˜€
We left to continue studying but too full to study.

And just now, after the last paper, we all went to Saveur for lunch, Nicole’s recommendation πŸ˜€

Had the pan-seared sea bass, diced sautΓ© potato with crabmeat, french beans & caper vinaigrette or simply known as “Fish” in the menu, while the rest had the duck confit that I initially wanted hahahahah
The bass was not bad but the potatoes stole the show; I’m so sorry, fish.

Then I bought a fish at the Korean supermart hahahahah
Dinner with Fiona and Adeline was herbal chicken at Thomson again hahahahaha πŸ˜€
Post-dinner playground time was really fun!
We played charades and it is so stupid and spent most of the time lying down πŸ˜€
I’m gonna miss them (but they wanted to Skype me daily so I think it’s the other way around hohoho)



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