The Rotisserie

Yay exams are over!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€
I spent pretty much every day after watching Phantom studying.
And that is unimaginably expensive 😦

Literally almost every night I had my dinner at The Rotisserie after studying at Starbucks and before I was even done with sampling half of their menu, a whole bunch of individuals were complaining how I kept eating there.
What would actually bother me is that I had vanilla latte every single morning.

Quarter chicken (thigh) with hot chips
Not bad!! Gravy was not to my liking but the chips were great!

Roasted chicken penne pasta
Pasta was quite tough as though left for a long long time after cooking but the whole thing was nice πŸ™‚

Fish and chips
These were somehow too filling for me and I only had 3 thirds of them.
The fish wasn’t really fresh and just no, although the batter was yummy enough.

Aussie breakfast (for breakfast the day I had to go to school)
Sunny side up, sausage, bacon, grilled tomato and sourdough
It wasn’t fantastic but for the price it was fine.

The $1 ice-cream that melts too fast.

Hot chips alone

Roasted chicken burger

Chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato with chicken caesar salad and tomato, basil and rocket salad
IT IS A FAVOURITE!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€
The chicken breast is so delicious πŸ˜€
So is everything else! (Except for the rockets ugh rockets)

Classic panini

Chicken breast, ham, bacon, lettuce and tomato
Possibly a bigger favourite because HAM and the unidentifiable bread beats the burger buns so much!

BBQ chicken panini

Chicken breast, caramelised onions and barbeque sauce
This is a more flavoured alternative to the classic and it is yummy too πŸ˜€

Chicken schnitzel with hot chips
After a streak of 3 really delicious meals, this turned out to be quite a disappointment.
I couldn’t finish it and arrived to the conclusion that I can’t eat too much fried stuff at any one go… (no; truffle fries, I love you)

Quarter chicken (breast) with hot chips
I don’t know how or why but this tasted different than the shredded ones in my favourites and I was just like why 😦
But I still had the same opinion about this as with the very first meal I had here.

Chicken roll with coronation chicken and pasta salad and rocket and corn salad with bacon
The shredded chicken breast was dunked/soaked/garnished/double-boiled/whatever in some magical gravy that tastes so yummy!!!!! ;___;
Pasta salad was weirdish but the other was not bad (duh bacon)!
This was my last meal there and happens to pass as yet another favourite!!! πŸ˜€

NO, I AM NOT SPONSORED (why) but I have brought them 3 extra customers who knows not of their existence until my aggressive Instagramming I hope they don’t feel cheated that I will not be there any time soon again because they must have felt like I was gonna be a regular for the rest of my life.
BUT NO because omg I think I might have to eat there again because it is really affordable and without taxes and I happen to be foodless on most days.


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