Mazazu Crepe

Last week I spent all time alone because I haven’t gotten a job yet.
And this whole week I was working in an alfresco restaurant; can you imagine working in an alfresco restaurant in Singapore?!?!?!
My sweat glands have never been more active 😦
I also have yet to dined there because I couldn’t find it last time and now I can’t eat there because it’s weird and especially so since I tfo on most days.

Anyway before that I had a tfo-chain and on one day I went to Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar because I was at Robertson Quay too early and most every shop was closed and it was really humid that day so omg a shop that’s opened and sheltered!!!

Nibbled on a salted caramel and a hazelnut macaron, seated and shaded.
I hate Singapore’s weather I wish I was Egyptian so I could treat this shit weather as a beautiful cooling day every day.
Then I explored further and oh my god I have spent so much time at Robertson Quay never knowing where on earth Rodyk St is and finally I found this little tunnel thing that takes me there!
I wanted to eat at Toby’s Estate but there were a bunch of people and I hate crowds so I went on to Bar Bar Black Sheep.

Beer battered fish n chips that I couldn’t finish because it was just not yummy…

Oh but look at the depth of field of this!!
Ok then I went to eat this amazing amazing

Strawberry caramel cheesecake gelato crepe at Mazazu Crepe!!!!
Always wanted to try this when I walk past it but always I am too full from the meal before (maybe the shitty fish n chips was a blessing in disguise)…
It was so yummy!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€
It had so much texture and flavour all wrap up in that little crepe I loved it!!!! πŸ˜€
But it was kind of pricey for a portion so small.
I thought they’d pack in a whole bunch of ingredients into the crepe but no it was small.
Also, it was very noticeable they increased the price!!
Tip for the boss dude: reduce the price since there hardly is any customer at all??????

And the next day I went to have lunch/dinner at Beaver’s because I remembered Don telling me the food and iced lemon tea is good there.
And cheap to boot.
So I went.

How wrong he was… because it is so miserable and nowhere near wow-I-got-to-tell-everyone-about-this… T_T
I was so sad because it was gonna be my only meal for the day!
Walked around for a while before going to Ah Chew Desserts to please my sad tongue.

The usual mango sago pomelo with vanilla ice-cream πŸ™‚

Then I went to a SISTIC counter and got me some last minute tickets to Pangdemonium‘s production of Next to Normal!!! πŸ˜€

Prior to this I’ve already liked the tracks from that musical and having watched Spring Awakening last year I was very willing to go because I love musicals and the tickets weren’t crazy since it’s a local production.
That makes it the second time I’ve lent them my support, watching musicals alone .___.

All I can say is that the whole cast was great, the music was great, everything was great!!!
There was a really distinct improvement since Spring Awakening and I was very impressed πŸ˜€
It was both funny and sad I love stuff like that (why)!

I was waiting for Superboy and the Invisible Girl the whole time hahahaha πŸ˜€
I love it!!!

Well, if you are reading this now, there are still 4 more shows!
I hope Pangdemonium will do Anything Goes soon! 😦
And I don’t have money for Hairspray but I doubt there are good seats left if there are any… T_T

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