Happy birthday, Marissa

Last night, we went to Hard Rock Cafe to celebrate Marissa’s birthday! 😀

Had some really good fish & chips 😀
It was really filling though, but good nonetheless.

She was being a little bitch demanding her Gastronomia nutella cake so we had no choice but to burn the living hell out of the little slab of awesomeness with 18 candles hahahahahaha!!

Pickled Tink that I didn’t like…
After all I don’t enjoy alcohol very much at all and can’t understand how everyone around me worships them??

Before the food came I commented that “I want Styx!!!!” referring to the songs that were playing…
And Marissa was like “Why don’t you just get it?!?!??” referring to “steaks”!!
HAHAHAHAHAHA I nearly died!!!

Some food I Instagrammed:

Shared 2 bags of Charly T’s fries with Fiona and Lynette the other day!
Ultra craved it after my first time so I went back!

Starlight Express and butterscotch gelato!
I was only alerted and went to Latte e Miele upon seeing a flyer saying that getting a scoop of Starlight Express would entitle me to a chance of winning 4 tickets to the musical it was named after so DAMN YOU MUSICALS HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
It was really good, actually!!
Was skeptical about it because why else would anyone come up with such a tactic right…?
Starlight Express was a super rich chocolate that surpassed Awfully Chocolate’s wonderful hei ice-cream, in my opinion (and Lynette’s)!
Butterscotch was really yummy too; got it instead of vanilla because it was sweeter!

50 sticks with Lynette at Chai Ho Satay!! 😀

World class chocolate and pralines n cream at Baskin Robbins after.

After failing the SIA internship interview I went to Bedok 85 with Min.

The famous ba chor mee wasn’t open yet and so I had carrot cake and forgot to ask for it without chilli T_T
I swear this week was the worse of the whole bad year?

Had my favourite vanilla latte at Oriole after 🙂

Went to Cha Cha Cha Mexican Restaurant one day after school for dinner.

Pollo al Chipotle!
Mexican food is pretty much spicy or cheesed and so I found this perfect only item I could order with the chili aside!
Was good but if I were a chili-acceptor, I’d be enjoying it much more, wouldn’t I?

One Friday morning was spent with Joe exploring PasarBella! 😀

Shared a crunchy hazelnut cake from Gastronomia!

I’ve always loved farmers’ markets so I was thrilled the first time I saw this place under construction although I know it’d be nothing like the real real real farmers’ markets with lots of strawberries and cherries and whatnot for cheap like in the west 😦

Had a latte at Dutch Colony Coffee Co. 😀
Didn’t know where to get sugar so I drank it slightly bitter but I liked it 🙂

Shared the Charly T’s fries and for $5 I really think it’s way amazing 😀

Bought a bag of cherry tomatoes before leaving to snack on but I was full so I gave him the rest of it since he was begging for the damn tomatoes when I alighted at school sheesh!
They were really sweet and juicy (not some) and it was only $3 for a huge bag of it! 😀

Dinner after a driving class at &Made 🙂

Had the yummy truffle fries (oh god I love them)

And was full before my favourite caramello sundae that was really hastily and uglily made (due to the crowd, I guess) and which taste was a little off…
Good thing I had a 20% discount voucher and everyone sort of saved $5 or so! 🙂

The day before the special day of nothing, I requested for a cake from Amirah and she so very nicely gave me it 😀

And a day before that, I was at Awfully Chocolate to visit her!

Was reading a book while eating the awesome ice-cream as if I didn’t have school…
It’s been 3 or 4 weeks but I STILL have not gotten the hang of school! 😦

Went to Carpenter and Cook for tea with Lynette! 😀

She wolfed down her 2 tarts in the same time I took to finish mine…

And I only had the passionfruit meringue tart and the tea so…
I guess I am not as beastly as you think I am 🙂

Went to Kim San Leng at Bishan with Adeline some time near the start of school…

Happy duck rice hahahaaha the name!!!
It was yums and so were the popiahs!! 😀

Amatriciana penne at Gastronomia when visiting Marissa!
It was so yummy but really expensive considering the portion :/

The nutella cake was really good too!
And Marissa asked me to save her some and then she asked for it as a birthday gift hence the burning cake 😀

Chicken roll and coronation chicken pasta salad at The Rotisserie when I brought my friends there because everyone wanted to eat where I ate during my study camp hahahahaha 😀

Tanglin Halt A1 carrot cake at Whampoa!
It was so crowded over there and it was hardly recognisable and I don’t recall any food from when I was young because I only remembered the really yummy hor fun that’s no longer there or something because 10 years ago the auntie operating the stall was already so old???
Anyway, the black carrot cake was a dream!!!!!!
If only I wasn’t so far away (or could drive), I’d go there time and time to eat (and everywhere else, duh who am I kidding)…

Went to Yoshimaru Ramen Bar too frequent at some point…

And had traditional Hakata ramen with corn thrice LOL 😀
I love it so much I’d eat that every other day if I had the money!

And on some day when all the OIP people had returned from China, I went to Paul with Lynette and Fiona!

The mushroom soup was a real disappointment because it was too watery and just, no.
And it was really expensive too!!

The roasted chicken leg, however, was really good and oh the potatoes!!!! I WANT TO MARRY THE POTATOES!!!!

Okay, I had no idea I was so behind on blogging now that I no longer make it a habit to lug around my camera…
Would be awesome if I had the SONY QX-10 or QX-100 because it has always been a want even before its conceptualisation!
And it’s a terrible idea to blog when I am so hungry – I seem to always do this to myself – and when I have a crazy individual report to submit in 4 days that I have not started on yet…
This year sucks 😦

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