Culinary Arts Workshop at SHATEC


Just got back a while ago from Shatec Institutes!
For my F&B management module, I had to go for a workshop!
There were mixology, baking and pastry making, and culinary arts workshops and we could only choose one 😦
I wanted everything but since I enjoy cooking more and it is something more everyday, I chose culinary arts.

This is the first time I tried a raw button mushroom I think…?
I might have put some in my mouth while slicing last time, but if I did it must have been really small and insignificant.

Anyway, I paired up with Hazel because she was conveniently standing beside me at that moment.
A perk is that she cooks, and I assume very well from the pictures of the food she makes, and that her father was from Shatec so yay us we both cook!!
We were very much being bastards while standing by watching the trainer demonstrate the preparation of the foods.
We kept on commenting on little things to each other, answering questions and, thinking and discussing of ways to do something different to the dish to suit our tastes better.

The first dish was this “mango & prawn salad with cocktail sauce” thing.
We both didn’t like mayonnaise so we decided to rid of it and find a substitute dressing after.
photo 1
So we made this.
We squeezed a whole lemon into a bowl and crushed the excess mango dices to create a dressing for our salad hahahaha!!
Apparently that concoction tasted like very sour orange juice which is simply puzzling in every way.
A whole lemon is also too much but that sweet and sour is, you know, gourmet and stuff… (LOL)
So… our dish is now called The Fake Orange Juice Mango & Prawn Salad. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!
My plating lost to hers though 😦

When the trainer saw what on earth we were doing with the mango, he learnt that we didn’t like mayonnaise and asked for a reason like I don’t really have a reason because it is irrational. I don’t like it because it is white.
Then I was just throwing him reasons other people might hate mayonnaise and when I came to “fat” he was like ah-ha!!! I am going to make you like mayonnaise!!!
DREAM ON!! Nothing can ever make me like that demon of a sauce.
All his efforts used in stirring the cocktail sauce with some unknown stuff (if he added any at all) was gone to waste because Hazel still didn’t like it and I didn’t even try to get near that stuff!

Next up was chicken piccata and spaghetti with tomato sauce.
The trainer’s plating was really distasteful to both of us…
He placed the chicken piccata drenched in some butter stock sauce on the plate, then placed a blob of spaghetti on top of it.
photo 2
So once again, we had to do something.
We sliced the chicken for better presentation (duh) and we smuggled some minced meat into our tomato sauce and when we seasoned our chicken, we added some oregano too although we weren’t instructed to.
I happen to completely forget about the stupid sauce so Hazel made some afterwards to drizzle on the chicken piccata.
This time my plating was better HAHAHAHAHAHA πŸ˜€
But I put too much spaghetti on the plate in an attempt to twirl it with two plastic forks…
Then I studded the chicken to make my spaghetti look sexy and stuff.
So what we made was now Better Chicken Piccata and Spaghetti a little Bolognese.

Hats off to our genius brains and originality LOL!
I love cooking with Hazel ^__^

Ok… I would blog more but it’s late so goodnight! πŸ™‚


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