Because Research Lecture…

Watched Sweeney Todd two days ago and loved it!
Tim Burton + Johnny Depp + Helena Bonham Carter is the formula for a promising movie, duh!
The plot was really good and the music is so good and woah I love!

And I found this and nearly died! HAHAHAHAHA!!! But Johanna is my favourite song from the musical ^_^

And things I intended to blog with the previous posts:

Mango soft serve with kanten jelly at MOF の My Izakaya!
So yummy and less filling than my favourite mango kakigori!

Penne rigate al ragu bolognese and wedges with Lynette after golfing at the Golfers’ Terrace before the culinary arts workshop!
The food was meh but at least it didn’t cost ridiculous.

Had some crispy salt pepper mushroom from Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks
It was ok but super oily and too filling for me to have a proper dinner after.
Enoki tempura surpass this by a huge lot.

The usual prosciutto e funghi at Pasta Fresca for dinner after doing most of my e-learning assignments at Starbucks since morning.

Toffee nut latte because Christmas.
Getting this only because of the crunch but vanilla latte forever otherwise.

The usual traditional Hakata ramen at Yoshimaru Ramen Bar!

Soft-boiled eggs and coffee at Ya Kun.

Went to Nine Thirty by Awfully Chocolate with Lynette before work.

Chicken noodle soup that was meh…
Unique and all but really unimpressive.

Truffle fish and chips.
It was pretty bad… and the truffle taste was not strong…
And I had specifically asked for the tartar sauce to be separated but LOOK!!!
I was so angry!
I think it’s better if they stick to their lovely chocolate cakes and ice-cream.

Then we went to the Little Black Jacket exhibition at the ArtScience Museum because the tickets were free!

I got a free Keira poster too!

This is my favourite picture 😀

Chai Ho satay 😀

Evertop Hainanese boneless chicken rice 😀

Roasted chicken burger at The Rotisserie 🙂

Tata from lecture!


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