Toby’s Estate & Yonehachi

Hello! It’s nearly a week into holidays and I have not started on any schoolwork and have spent more than what I am supposed to spend in 2 weeks in 3 days…

On Tuesday I went to Robertson Quay for brunch alone 😀
Walked to Toby’s Estate from Clarke Quay MRT like I always do and my shoes were already killing me T_T
Wasn’t a good day eating there… because the first thing I see is a notice stating its closure for a function in the afternoon which pisses me off although I’m not affected by the timing lol.

Then when I went in, the counter seats overlooking the river (that I have decided to seat myself the day before) were occupied by businessy people discussing stuff around the area or something.
Which leaves me the huge table in the middle or the outdoor seats.
Because of Singapore’s heat obviously I have to succumb to sitting with a bunch of people with me being alone alone.

Cafe latte because they don’t serve vanilla latte.
I should totally bring a canister of vanilla syrup wherever I go for times like these.
It was not bad though…

Toby’s breakfast which I find severely overpriced.
The only thing I liked were the eggs and toast.
The mushrooms were warm on top and dead cold below which was ridiculous!
It’s not those not-warm-anymore cold but those I-just-came-out-of-the-fridge cold??
And the whole place is so crowded T_T

Spent the rest of the day looking for Liberty shoes and they either do not have them in my size or at all. How is it that there are no Rachel De Thame Vans in my size when I don’t see anyone (but I?) in Singapore raving about Liberty at all?!?!?!?!
Dinnered at Yonehachi

Had the chicken katsu toji set with salmon okowa!
It’s rather delicious but so tiring to eat because I don’t know whether to focus on my chicken or rice and it seems like a meal on its own so I was having two meals concurrently and I was so confused.

On Wednesday I cannot believe I allowed Marissa to coerce me into going all the way to Bedok (I took a 1.5h bus ride wth) to have Ikea food when I could have eaten the same damn thing only 15 minutes away by bus.

(It’s so irritating when I keep reaching for the “alt” button thinking it’s “command” because I’m no longer used to windows)
Then we went to SAM for the Singapore Biennale 2013!

This huge pile of saga seeds is my favourite because I’ve collected a handful before.
Some exhibitions are just ridiculous (I’m sorry) like there’s this two-toned paper framed in a series placed in a gallery with another of what seems like dandruff on a black paper. ART.

The post-its were very entertaining though!

Went to Dôme Café for early dinner.

Grilled porcini mushroom chicken!
There was a better chicken dish last time… This one was too thick and creamy for my liking.

And vanilla ice-cream 😀

Yesterday I went to Pasarbella with Joe and for the first time that place sort of had some life because it had more than 20 customers at one time o.o

At $5, I really think Charly T’s has the best fries ever!!

Got some vanilla and chocolate cappuccino gelato from Latte e Miele 😀
Walked around Orchard with $3 cherry tomatoes in our hands because we’re cool and stuff (and they were so yummy).
Baskin Robbins happened to be at the NAC civic plaza so randomly and had this wonderful flavour of ice-cream I’ve not seen before so I got it…

Wish I had gotten a bigger scoop T_T

Had nabeyaki udon at Sun with Moon for dinner just before the dinner crowd filled the queue…
Lunch is so much more worth it there because there’s a set and is cheaper! 😦

Some other days foods:

Lin Yuan satay at 85 Fengshan Centre.

Seng Hiang bak chor mee at 85 Fengshan Centre too.
It wasn’t as nice as what everyone makes it out to be, honestly.

Had some Lindor for the first time and I swear Lindt is growing on me so much they make wonderful chocolate ^_^ like the chocolate melted in my mouth and not figuratively melt but actually melting!!!!
And I wrecked it all placing it in the fridge 😦

Some prata that was actually quite yummy!

Doorstop and truffle fries from PS. Cafe at Paragon which didn’t have truffle oil at all????
And when they were sent back to the kitchen it returned drenched in the centre and I was so mad!!

Roast chicken burger from The Rotisserie and they have increased prices now 😦

Vanilla latte from Costa Coffee that wasn’t made by Seng Yang cos he wasn’t working (Costa coffee tastes better than Starbucks by the way).

Favourite hakata ramen at Yoshimaru with everyone one else who has no more common test after the law paper pretending I didn’t have another paper in 2 days lol.

Yaroa which was not bad (the pulled pork was awesome) from Sea Salt Caribbean Deli!
There was one day I studied with Fiona at Coronation Plaza and after that, we walked to Orchard LOLLLL with a stop at Food For Thought hahahahahaha it was crazy!!

Had the full works and never again because it was way too filling! 😦

Ok I was gonna share more food but then webstagram sort of crashed so… IT’S OKAY!!!!


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