The Providore & Peperoni Pizzeria

Hell of a month filled with stuff to do but here I am blogging just because.

So today I woke up early (without difficulty, if I may add) to head to Orchard for some table-for-one breakfast.
I initially wanted to eat at Dean & Deluca because I wanted to try other stuff on the menu but when I got there at 10am, which I researched was its opening hour, it was still sort of unopened with a staff meeting ongoing.
So I left…
Found some of my friends at the entrepreneurial bazaar at *Scape to leave my laptop with before I head to Wild Honey.
However, before I could reach Wild Honey, I spotted The Providore smack right in front of the escalator I took.
It was fairly crowded, implying that they were serving breakfast and I saw on a table someone’s beautiful eggs Benedict.
So I had my breakfast there 😀
I have to say I was thoroughly intrigued by the salt and pepper grinder.
Turning it one way grinds the salt and the other the pepper.
MAGIC (physics).
I ordered the English breakfast (there are sauteed mushrooms under the bread)!
Overall I thought it was decent except for the pork sausage which was really lumpy and fatty and just no.
Mushrooms were tasty too!
The fried eggs were divine and they tasted wonderful paired with buttered sourdough.

I was just really unhappy my precious yolk were dripping all over the plate instead of in my mouth.
If I do return I’ll probably give the eggs Benedict a try.

After that I went to Oriole Cafe and Bar to get my favourite vanilla latte 🙂

That’s more than a Venti’s price for less than a Tall!
But it’s worth it 😀
Spent the rest of my day loitering at the booths and for a very short time, discussing some schoolwork.
I was really broke having spent more than $50 in no more than 2 hours before noon so as much as I’d like to support my friends’ businesses (jk, not really), I couldn’t.
However, Fiona got me a doge sticker 😀 HAHAHAHAHAHA

When I came home I did a little DIY on the Muji CD case I bought after breakfast.
Used some adhesive letters I found in my craft stash and tried to make out whatever words I could with the letters I have left.
Had to edit some letters to form the “H” and “O” I lacked.

As the bazaar was ending soon, I was involved in an intense battle of country erasers with Bernard.
Didn’t know I was so skillful until today, despite losing.
Not sure if it’s a consolation or what but he treated me clearance ice-cream from someone’s booth.
See, I couldn’t afford $1 ice-cream.
Then I had dinner with Mariah!!! (I miss my TR03 so much, I swear it’s the best class ever)
Went to Fatman Satay at the Youth Park across.
I was so disappointed with the satay because it was $0.60 per stick, which I consider expensive, and its meat were minced and totally unenjoyable because I was about to rip off my first chunk but the whole slab just slid off the skewer??????
Not tender and tasted nothing like chicken too!
Couldn’t believe Lynette told me Fatman was better than Chai Ho Satay ($0.38/stick for the love of god)!!!! 😦
Perhaps the one here is different from the original (?) outlet?

2 days ago I went to Yoshimaru with Fiona and Jia En for dinner!
Wasn’t having the usual because I had a 50% off voucher for the shabu shabu butaniku ramen which I have had once and didn’t think much of it.

Well, it tasted better than my first time and yes I love the broth so much.
And the eggs.
And the sesame seeds.

3 days back I had dinner at Peperoni Pizzeria for the first time after hearing it being raved about by all my friends for so long.

Shared a 12″ diavola and prosciutto e funghi with the girls!
I thought the crust was too thin for my liking.
Diavola was good but the ham were so unevenly scattered and tough I wasn’t very pleased.
For this size I could get better prosciutto e funghi (and better crust duh) at half the price at Pasta Fresca!

The bolognese linguine was yummy!
Texture’s good and the parsley (or maybe not-parsley) added sweetness at times which was really nice but I don’t get how parsley can be sweet so what is that thing??????
Amount of sauce was perfect and tasted good 😀
But let’s just say it’s goddamn overpriced for pasta…

Anyway, I bought a new car when I was getting a birthday gift for Hazel for her to open after her practical test lol…

Got this gomashio-kun furikake a week ago cos the packaging was so cute and its name (literally sesame salt) was just so cute I had to get it.
Furikake makes rice better rice I love it.

Had this yummy duck rice in Clementi 3 weeks ago!
I don’t know what its name or the food court’s name is but I know where… that’s all that matters (to me).
Have yet to try it again cos I have conveniently forgotten its existence until I saw this picture 😛

And last month, I cooked this most perfect fried egg ever!
Couldn’t replicate it when I tried again days later T_T
Some of the whites were runny while the rest were just cooked and I seasoned it perfectly!
It was like a half-boiledfried egg!
Wish I heeded more when I cooked because tasting this fried egg again is pretty much a dream not attainable in the near future.

Ok abrupt end to this post with some beautiful golden tau sar piah

(Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah: 639 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329922)
(Address because I welcome anyone to buy me these during lecture lol)
(Oh shit, I’m not going to have lectures for a long while in a while)


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