Postcard Mural

I just pimped my wall with Lazy Oaf postcards!! 😀

I bought the second postcard book (I really want the first one too) when it was discontinued so when I found it at a Korean online shop I got Shwen to contact them and buy it for me at $36 with shipping omg T_____T
For 30 postcards, $36 means I was ripped off 😦
On top of that, I spent $15 on self-laminating cards so I could protect the beautiful postcards, render them easier to clean and maintain, and also to make pasting them with Blu-Tack (approximately) equally spaced out on the wall easier.
Fast Flowers is my favourite illustration of all!
Loved it so much I really wanted the wrapping papers but they are no longer available 😦
It is my phone’s wallpaper though ^__^
I love it 😀 (even though Skeletor will be staring at me when I sleep urgh)

On an even happier note, I AM NOW LEGALLY ALLOWED TO DRIVE 😀
Test Report 2 copy
Got a really lenient and nice tester this time and although I made quite a lot of minor mistakes and he was always telling me off, I passed!!! 😀
Now it is certain that the first time when I failed mounting the kerb, the tester was just on a demerit spree to dampen my spirits because how can the difference be so massive????
Test Report 2-1 copy
Also, for my last 4 extra driving lessons, I was assigned a new instructor because the terrible instructor (who falls asleep when I’m driving, scolds me when he doesn’t even teach me things to do, criticises my eyesight and sense of judgment, etc.) was on a holiday overseas.
Despite only having 4 lessons with the new instructor, I have learnt heaps more!
Learnt about the sensors on the roads, how to park without adjusting the mirrors, making a narrow u-turn, how to properly switch off the engine without damaging the gear box, and answers my questions properly instead of scolding me for being stupid.
He is also more professional and sends reminder texts before the lessons!!!
Wish I had learnt from him from the very beginning.
Spent $2,531 learning driving in all, with an unnecessary $800 spent because of my first failure 😦
Also incurred additional $130 because I changed instructor at the start and stupid booking a trial theory test :/ But I’m glad all these are over – no more missing classes 😀
However, it still feels very unreal and I don’t have a car?????? :/

Oh, and this I got to share!!!!!

Ringo Work is hands down the BEST apple juice I have ever had in my life!!!!!

They taste exactly like liquid apples and not like oxidised juiced apples!!!!!
It’s magical and have beautiful packaging to boot!
But of course, they are pricey!!!
But trust me, on Ringo Work, splurging is completely acceptable.

Oh and my Chinese New Year was kind of boring because everyone was playing mahjong and I was alone and Elffie was sleeping…
So I spent an hour beside her…

Taking photos and posting them on social media and also…

using her phone to take 600 photos of me and some with her sleeping in the background…
Because I am a cousin from hell .__.

So for dinner today it was a spontaneous one at Watami with Michelle because we were like “hello!” “hello, I’m so hungry!” “OMG ME TOO!!! Let’s go and eat!” and yeah…

Nabeyaki udon with super good soup 😀
Saw Amirah working at Awfully Chocolate too so we headed over for ice-cream!

Love eating there when she’s working because she always gives me discounts ^___^

Cooked a little chapalang something the other day…
Tried making a yakionigiri with leftover rice but I was just really unskillful with it lol…
Grilled pineapples in the same pan as well 😀 So yummy but it got cold while I was cooking other stuff 😦
And tamagoyaki!!! SO YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was really easy to cook too!! 😀

Also made some terribly plain linguine with octopus chicken franks and because the plating was so bad I just used some goma to give them eyes as a consolation hahaha…

Had dinner one day at Yoshimaru Ramen Bar and for the first time I did not have ramen as I was somewhat full.
I was surprisingly not disappointed 🙂

Ordered sake gohan!
The salmon is super duper delicious and I kept thinking about it that night before I went to bed…
It is also really affordable so I foresee myself having that again someday 😀

Had takoyaki as well…
These were, however, not very impressive…

Had yubari melon gelato at the Isetan Hokkaido Fair the other day ^_^
Best gelato flavour on earth 😀

Also bought a Kumamon Tomica on ebay because it is sooooooo cute and I haven’t seen it in stores so yea…
$18 😦 but it is soooooooo cute!!!!!

Had pistachio and hazelnut ice-cream from Haato & Co. after my interview!
I really love the ice-cream at Haato 😀 (they are not super expensive too!!)

Okay, that’s all for this post!! 😀
Gotta start studying for an exam that’s less than a week away and I am clueless about :/


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