Recipe: Obimaki Enoki


Just cooked this inexpensive and super easy and super yummy stuff for dinner so I thought I’d share…
Because it’s my first recipe if you ignore my terrible bakkwa sandwich that surprisingly has searches for -___- Hahahaha!

So you’ll really just need these:
200g enoki mushrooms
6 slices streaky bacon
Some pepper

Step 1: Cut the gross parts off the mushrooms and wash them

Step 2: Slice bacon strips into halves (or thirds, if your bacon is really big) and run them under water too because I don’t know????

Step 3: Divide the mushrooms into bunches enough for the bacons and ROLIRAP (it means “roll it up” if you can’t be bothered to watch the embedded video)
Sorry but it’s so funny, I had to sidetrack!!

So I watched this video some time last month and I replayed it so many times and kept laughing I teared 😀
Runnyrunny999 is one goddamn funny dude hahahahahaha

Step 4: Heat up your skillet or frying pan or something (USE TEFAL BECAUSE RED DOT HAHAHAHAHA AND YOU KNOW WHEN IT’S HOT ENOUGH)

Step 5: Place the bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms seam down (because I couldn’t care to seal them with toothpicks) on the hot pan and cook them, turning them occasionally, till it’s cooked or crispy even

Step 5.5: Pepper generously while cooking (I peppered them after the first turning)

Step 6: Put them on a plate and eat them!!!!!!!!

Costs no more than $5 and yields 12 pieces 😀
It’s very filling too and it’s good for posting online in the middle of the night when everyone is hungry 😀

Okay, bye and enjoy cooking 🙂


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