My Fair Lady & SSO Pops Concert: Spirited Away – The Music of Joe Hisaishi

Blogging while my hair dries lol 🙂

So a day before Valentine’s Day I spent time with Yumiko watching My Fair Lady!

It’s probably a blessing we both like to watch musicals because without it I think we would cease to be friends or something what with her being busy forever and us never meeting up often like we intended to when we enrolled into the same course -___-
Really enjoyed My Fair Lady!! 😀
It was really funny; much funnier than the movie!
The funniest part was the Ascot scene, which I never laughed watching the movie twice but cannot contain when I saw it on stage!
The spotlights didn’t follow well and the backdrops had some problems though :/
But I’d gladly watch it again if I don’t have to pay (because I am broke and intend to watch Fat Pig and Grease)…

First row on the circle and while it wasn’t too bad, my back nearly broke with me hunching over the railing so I could see better and also to rest my head on the cold metal lol…

A terrible photo this dude took for us that was blur, slanted and without a second shot!

Was wearing the socks Yuxuan gave me because it was her birthday! 😀

I was early meeting her and spent an hour looking at the clouds go by.
Sitting by the museum only because it was a rare sight seeing healthy lotus in the pond hahahaha!
Had dinner at the food court because we were both scrimping…

Tried Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh there because I’ve always wanted to try it but didn’t know where the two outlets were and it came as a surprise to see it at Marina Bay Sands!
The bak kut teh was pretty good both soup and pork 😀
Costed me $14.90 for the set I shouldn’t have gotten because the sides were only so-so.

Was reading tips on Foursquare and many people said the iced tea was good so we both got it and yes it is good!
Really rich and creamy but too filling after my big meal for me to finish.
Thought it would be a wonderful ice-cream if it were frozen 😀
On a side note, I bought 2 pints of Ben & Jerry’s because they were only $20 for 2!

Couch potato is really nice I think 🙂

Yesterday a bunch of us went to Pasarbella to celebrate Hazel Tan’s birthday!

Got the pulled pork sandwich from SeaSalt Caribbean Deli because the pulled pork were super yummy when I had the yaroa last time.
However, the pulled pork were only freshly cooked so they were rather tough and I didn’t enjoy it very much and it was a huge portion too!
Gave up eating halfway because I was really sleepy and I fell asleep and missed the birthday celebration LOL .___.
I was really tired because I got home really late after the musical and had a revision lecture at 9.30am that day!!
Went home and took a nap when we left and for dinner I stir-fried some instant noodles that was kind of tasteless…

Well, at least I made instant noodles look somewhat good, no?

Just now I went with my aunt to watch the SSO Pops Concert: Spirited Away – The Music by Joe Hisaishi! 😀
Tickets were really reasonably priced and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Joe Hisaishi so when I found out about it in December I immediately made purchase, which was already a dangerous delay from when sales started in October!
There was literally zero advertisements about it and I only found out about the event when I was at SISTIC’s website looking for things to go to!
Was gonna pay for myself but my aunt offered to pay for me ^___^
It was a sellout too! Thank god I was kiasu and didn’t hesitate!
Would’ve gone alone if I had to too!
It is my first orchestra and it was nice 🙂
Felt a little sleepy halfway through with the dimness of my surroundings and Joe Hisaishi’s music hahahaha…
Departures, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Summer and the encore’s One Summer’s Day and My Neighbour Totoro sounded better than the rest.
I hope Joe Hisaishi comes to Singapore before I die or he dies because I’d willingly pay maybe even $300 to watch him 😀

Studied with Fiona at a nearby Starbucks at noon…
Then I had dinner alone at Itacho Sushi before the concert!

Inarizushi and

roasted salmon sushi and tamago sushi and

tempura temaki and

crab meat chawanmushi and udon!
Shouldn’t have ordered the udon because it was so plain and filling!
I could’ve gotten 6 more sushis for the same price!
While Itacho Sushi has really yummy sushi at $1-$2, the bill always scares the shit out of me because I ordered noodles or other stuff…
(I’m so hungry right now and craving for these sushi and sigh… it’s 2am???)

Also had desserts from Awfully Chocolate because Amirah was working 😀

Earlier this week..

Wore Lazy Oaf with Lynette and Amanda!
Had dinner at Dulcet & Studio with a bunch of people after the research exam before celebrating Yuxuan’s birthday!

Classic black pig bolognese fettuccine which I’ve had before…
Still yummy but the pasta was a little overcooked.

Tea time cake because it was $2 and the cream puffs I wanted were sold out!
Then we went to Chupitos and they all drank and I sipped some and it’s true I hate alcohol!

On Monday, Daphne Khoo, from the first Singapore Idol, came to school to perform two of her new songs!
She’s so funny! I never knew!! Sings really well too, though my memory of Singapore Idol is super faint.
Apparently Gayle Nerva was there too but I only knew after Lynette told me who she was.

Just joined in for a photo although I didn’t desperately need/want it like Lynette…
There was a little bit of Gayle behind me in the photo but it was cropped to a square oops…

Last week…
Studied with Fiona and had dinner at La Petite Cuisine (omg they do not have a website so I can’t add a link… anyway, it’s at Serene Centre and Thomson too??)!

Really warm hot bread that nearly burned me while I was tearing it -___-
Was yummy though!

Very yummy confit de canard although its portion was quite small!
The chef was super cute!!! He kept walking around and chatting with customers.
He also stared at us taking pictures of our food and demanded to see it! HAHAHAHAHA!!
He said my picture is good because it is shiny HAHAHAHAHA ^____^

The chicken wraps I had at Charly T’s which I was craving for after studying the day before!

Went to Little Diner one day after school for dinner alone! 😀

Pan roasted salmon filet was a special that day so I had it since they took the effort to tell me about it.
I’d return to try the fish and chips I wanted to try!

Upgraded my fries to truffle fries at an extra charge 😦
Very subtle truffle taste but I love handcut fries nonetheless!
Handcut fries are the best in my opinion because omg skin ❤

Ok that's all for now… bye!
P.S. I hope my mother strikes the lottery so she can buy me a car


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