So yesterday I tried baking myself my own birthday cake…
In the form of a deco roll, because it is soooooo cute and I spent so much time since my discovery of its existence watching videos of it and all that.

In the end I decided to follow Ochikeron’s tutorial since it was the easiest to follow (and in English)…

It’s really difficult to take pictures of any cooking/baking process; I can’t imagine how these YouTubers do it!!!
I’ve tried making a 15-second video (for IG) of Popin’ Cookin’ once and I was like “NEVER AGAIN!!!”
And… you’ll probably suspect my baking sucks since I have not even sounded proud throughout…

Like 50% of the surface stuck to my parchment paper and whatever’s left is wrinkly like a pug omg…
So I was piping (already gave up hope even before this stage) “happy birthday to me” and a bunch of strawberries everywhere and you could probably see I didn’t even try to make it pretty anymore HAHAHAHAHAHA

To be honest my cake pan was a little bigger than what the recipe was for and my cake was super thin lol…

But it’s beautiful inside!!!!
So I chilled it overnight and had it this evening.

The cake was super hard and what the hell…
Normally, I’ll be very lenient to myself and like everything I make but this… this is just edible enough to me… so I think this pretty much is erm no to the whole world LOL.
Thank god I didn’t try to bring some for my friends I met with tonight if not THERE GOES OUR FRIENDSHIPS.
I think I’ll just stick to cooking. And perhaps baking cupcakes (because I’ve made them before and it’s yummy)…

Anyway, mum’s friend got me some nutty bar and nama chocolates! šŸ˜€

At midnight, Yuxuan stuck a lit candle into a banana and sang me a birthday song through Oovoo!!!!

Before meeting my friends for dinner I went to Tomica wonderland Let’s Play and who would’ve thought that small shop can be so packed because apparently the whole world loves Tomica or something ^_^

Got myself the Nissan Fairlady Z Roadster and Subaru 360 after browsing the whole store and pretty much wanting half of everything and mostly the vintage cars which are all around $40 each which is like NO!!!!!!!!!!!! šŸ˜¦

So now my fairly new collection is just growing cuter and cuter albeit small but shut up I have to juggle my money with food and clothes and CDs and my endless discovery of new hobbies which are all goddamn expensive?!?!?!

Also got myself a little Kumamon plush keychain and a Britto pencil case (on impulse but whatever, it’s my birthday)!
Thinking of going back to buy the little Kumamon pouch and cardholder (I hesitated T_T) because it’s $15 and goddamn cute and usable.

Dinner at Wild Honey because Joe was so bloody adamant about dining there he made a reservation all of a sudden and boom no one can decide against it LOL!

Tried the European breakfast which is well, eggs Benedict.
It’s all good just that one egg had yolk that didn’t run and I was kinda bummed out…
Had desserts at 2am:dessertbar to end the day!

Tiramisu was really yummy! šŸ˜€

Chocolate H2O was even better, in my opinion, because while individually it tastes super rich (as all their ice-creams do) and overwhelming, the yuzu and dark chocolate and salted caramel complemented one another very well šŸ˜€

Tahitian vanilla, sorbet du jour (apple) and valrhona chocolate!
Vanilla remains my favourite and, after having the desserts I think that the ice-creams were even more ridiculously priced than I thought so before…

Ok that’s all that happened today!!
I think I’ll work on another post right now for the food I haven’t yet blogged about! šŸ˜€

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