Today’s the start of the 3rd week of working and so far I find it really fun albeit exhausting.
Partially considering it child labour too, because as interns we are paid little and the industry naturally has OTs more often than not…
I’m just really glad I have Hazel working with me or else I would still behave like a stranger to everyone in the office.
What’s more, my boss is awesome and also has a very cute son that Hazel is crazy over.

One hour into the job, I was thrown into doing real stuff without any easing in.
Which took me by surprise because I really just suck at having jobs.
Every single day I OTed (and more, because I usually come early) but it’s ok, I’m young!

Had dinner the first day at Tiong Bahru Boneless Hainanese Chicken Rice!
So yummy!!! And inexpensive too!!!
And the Indian (I’m not even sure because she speaks Mandarin too) lady provides really good service.
Had this twice so far and I’ll have them again should I crave chicken rice.

Attended an event on the second day!
Prada D&D at Capella!!

Think I’ll be taking a bunch of pictures looking like this because it’s funny (provided that Hazel is there to take pictures for me lol)…
So grand!!
During setup and shortly before the doors were opened, a napkin was on fire at a table and I couldn’t see very much because I’m myopic and stubborn to wear my spectacles which age me 10x and I cannot afford contact lenses because I eat too much to have disposable cash.
The event was thoroughly entertaining with most of the guests dressed up, and some of them very elaborately!
Managed to capture a random Cai Shen Ye (Money God?) taking food at the buffet spread in the dark!
My favourites were a cross-dressing Britney, a pharaoh (the GM of Prada I think), Moses, Wednesday Addams, Sun Wu Kong, and so many I forgot.
Got to see everyone who went up the stage up-close because I was stationed by it!
Was also really envious of everyone who won Prada and Miu Miu bags in the lucky draw!
Guys who won ladies handbags were the biggest frustration because YOU DON’T NEED IT WHEREAS I DO 😦 BUT I DON’T KNOW YOU SO YOU COULDN’T EVEN WANNA GIVE IT TO ME 😦 😦 😦
The managers also smiled back at me whenever I saw them (I would smile even more if you gave me a Prada bag, really) and the whole crowd was generally entertaining!
Super fun!

Had some of the desserts after the event πŸ˜€

Celebrated Joe’s birthday in advance at Holland Village one evening.

Mediocre mushroom pasta from nydc because I was hungry and he wanted indoor seating for aircon. Dammit.
Then to 2am:dessertbar for desserts! πŸ˜€
Finally got the comfy sofa seats πŸ˜€

Had the Mediterranean and the chocolate tart.
Mediterranean was super yummy and kinda worth its $20 although nothing in this place was really reasonably priced at all.
It was a mixture of all sorts of textures and flavours!
Half the time I couldn’t identify whatever was in my mouth, partly because I wasn’t paying attention to the waiter giving us the descriptions of the dish because I really wanted to quickly snap a picture and dig in!
I would probably order this again when I return!
Chocolate tart was uninteresting compared to what I ordered…
The chocolate was rather rich though I thought it was really small a portion for the same price.

Then one day, Hazel and I discovered awesome xiao long baos for cheap!!!!!!

10 for $5.50 at Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao (335 Smith St #02-135)
It’s a hawker and you’d best believe it’s good because I bothered to remember its unit!!!!!!!!!
It’s really delicious and on par to that of Din Tai Fung’s in my opinion.
For the lower price we are only giving up on aesthetics of the bao (DTF and its 18 folds that nobody really notices) and a nice atmosphere (because it’s a hawker and it’s passively dirty and all that).
Goddamn worth it, I tell you!!!!!!!!

So much so I had them for lunch again with some yong tau foo that was rather tasty just that I didn’t care enough to note where it’s from.


Took my first weekend to go shopping and for some me-time!
Bought only a skirt (on sale and my size and super nice) although I prepared to buy more…
Because everything I want is $100 or $200 or $300 or $500 or $100248921392742320573914021 😦
So far I’ve spent $400 on clothes so I wouldn’t be considered an eyesore at work as my usual getup is modelled after a sloppy heap of fabric fit for the Singapore climate and generally nobody likes how I dress except myself.
And $400 later, I am still in need of more clothes and more hangers.
But first, I’d need more money!
But then again, I wish to not touch any of my income from working to save for a travel because I want to go to Japan but then again it wouldn’t be enough T___T
(Also, I still do want to buy Berg’s Little Printer but I couldn’t fork out half a month’s pay for some novelty am I right?????)
After shopping I realised it was late and I was hungry and Takashimaya’s basement was packed with diners T_T and I quickly bought a chicken katsu from Romankan Yokohama and took a seat!

Have been wanting to try this for the longest time anyway!
Not bad, to be honest, but not fantastic either.

Sunday and had me some 20 cream puffs from Sunlife!
Wish they had more outlets because I love these cream puffs a lot and they are quite cheap!!!

Some chapalang dinner with Hazel (Bedok chwee kueh, some corner popiah, ahbeng fried carrot cake)

and of course the xiao long baos!
Have had them every other day or so because YUM!!!!

Chicken porridge for breakfast at Tiong Shian Porridge Centre because I was a little too early for work!
So yummy!!!! The porridge was pre-kiamed (salty? sorry I don’t even know what I wanna say) to perfection and it was the unplainest porridge I’ve ever had in my life!
Chicken was kinda fatty though I’m not complaining because chicken breast in porridge is lame (but yummy nonetheless).
Went out for lunch at Tamoya Udon!

Kake udon + kitsune + shiitake + kakiage!
Toppings are for you to add yourself so it’s great for people who hate spring onions (I love spring onions).
I wanna eat here again!!!!!!! T_____T
And hopefully when I go they don’t have empty tempura racks because the lunch crowd steal them all away from me.
Went to collect a parcel before going home because the Kumamon mitomein I bought has arrived!

While I love my stamp super much, I loved their service even more!!!!!

It’s a handwritten thank-you note on the invoice T_____T
I was so happy I spent an hour looking through the shop again hoping to get something but I didn’t find anything I needed.
So I hope you all could buy something from Kogyokudo ( because they are so damn nice and because the service is so enjoyable.

Went to work and after half a day of designing, I was finally tasked with saikang (labourous stuff)!!!!!!
Everyone generally hates it but I love it because it’s so fun?????

Look!!! I was folding church booklets for a wedding!!
I was gonna go to the wedding (I wanted to) but then I was kidnapped into another job that day 😦 so I volunteered to go to another event instead so as to make up for it 😦
Had dinner at Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King

Got the most ordinary one with all the toppings except fungus!
Price was okay but although it’s some super raved ramen, I was utterly disappointed!
Chashu was so thick and untender, broth was too salty, ajitama was just ridiculous, and hygiene is really low in the sense that cutlery were kinda dirty and the place was small and cramped and ya…
Or maybe it’s just me because why would I think of this as such a bowl of disappointment whereas everyone else is like woo yay best ramen 5eva worship u likka god!

Bought 2 slices of Lim Chee Guan bakkwa home because I felt like eating it.
I shouldn’t have.
Because literally immediately I was bestowed a sore throat and subsequently a baby flu and a partially blocked nose.

Had the xiao long baos for lunch the next day…
There’s a really nice wanton mee but I have yet to get a picture of it!!!
I shall feature that soon!!
It was a really fun day at work because I had to run errands and it wasn’t just a cheque down the road this time!
I had to go to collect gowns and deliver them to the hotel/church for them to do a rehearsal!
So much fun!!! πŸ˜€
(Oh no I forgot to upload the picture of the ballroom setup which was very pretty and I’m to lazy to do it now!)

Herbal chicken because the wanton mee I wanted to eat was closed 😦
Had dinner with Yong Chin and Jun Yang because everyone (ok, a handful of people) wanted to eat the xiao long baos that I just told you all about…

Also because Yong Chin wanted to pass me the birthday present a bunch of them shared for.
He was also an idiot because he added me into the group chat for discussing about it.

So Kukulakuku from the Mika for Swatch collection was sold out internationally because I only found out about it 2 months after its launch because apparently I’m not big enough a fan of Mika.
So I set out to buy the beautiful watch but it was sold out in stores everywhere and even after a staff contacted the Switzerland HQ, I couldn’t get hold of the watch 😦
But my friends managed to buy it after all that.
God knows how they did it but thank them all and bless them all okay.
The only gripe is that it ticks so bloody loudly and I’m not one who can tolerate repetitive noises (except 10000000-hours nyan cat piano) very well.
But I’ll try! πŸ™‚

Went to the office on a Saturday to help out for something that took me away from my attending the grand wedding and meeting the minister I recently learnt about.
They really shouldn’t have needed us because the office is now full of nonsense (not solely my doings).
And this is only some.

Went to Goodwood Park Hotel for NOV D&D in the evening!
Had prata from Far East Plaza for dinner before the event and OMG THOSE PRATA WERE YUMMY!!!!
Event wasn’t as entertaining as Prada’s but at least I got to do more in helping out this time around.

Yesterday left me absolutely drained and I slept 5 times throughout the day, whenever I had the opportunity.

Had Chai Ho satay for dinner although I’m feeling unwell.
Having a headache right now too and couldn’t do any work the whole day and instead past time reading Cheesie’s blog because I haven’t done so in a long while.

Ok bye goodnight I’m gonna have a hard time waking up for work tomorrow dammit


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