Menya Musashi

Today I woke up at 3pm (WHAT THE) and I was like dammit there goes my shopping time 😦
Saturday is now my favourite day of the week more than before because it’s quite very the only day I get to choose the time I live awake and do whatever the hell I want.
So today, I decided to go shopping and eat (duh).

So I went shopping and bought 2 dresses…
Work has made me worship dresses which I used to steer clear of, because they’re very easy to wear and I don’t have to match tops and bottoms.
I simply have to throw on some outerwear and oh it’s a new outfit.
I totally want to buy scarves but those stuff are always so pricey I just cry looking at them.
Then when I decided it was late enough for dinner, I…
I made a detour to Tiong Bahru Bakery and bought 3 kouign amann.

You might think for a moment I’m crazy (I’m not gonna deny though) but there’s this 3 for $10 promotion and I just so happen to be at Raffles City I can’t just let it go, am I right????

I then went to Menya Musashi for dinner!
When I first walked into the mall I already decided to have dinner here if I don’t by then find a better restaurant.
You know why????

They were promoting this limited sakura tsukemen with basil nikudango!
You may find it hard to see but the noodles are pink!! ^_^
It looked super good on the board and because Singapore has no sakura and it’s hanami season and I’ve never had tsukemen so why not??

So I find the dipping broth way too thick T_T
But the noodles were good!!
Nikudango was very yummy too!

Also ordered enoki tempura because I really like enoki tempura and I thought I was very hungry.
It was too oily and halfway I was struggling to finish all my food T_T

Then I found a sakura in my broth OMG!!
(You can see the pink noodles now)
Honestly I didn’t know what I’m supposed to taste and it was ordinary so… this promotion is to cheat people one.
I think I’ll have to return to try their normal ramen to properly assess if I really like this place or not.

This week Hazel and I planned to wear maxi together on Monday!
Nobody told me how comfortable maxi skirts were so I never did try 😦
It’s like the best thing ever and you can’t ever zhaogng at all!
Then I was like I need more!
But then again why would I need so many when I just really need one black one (cos I’m emo)(jk)

Had strawberries for breakfast because they looked good (tasted good too, except 2) and were $4.

Had Yoshinoya‘s gyudon for lunch with Hazel and Margaret!
Went to Orchard Road with Hazel to look for bento boxes (to no avail) after work.

Super late dinner at Tokyo Pasta Mario.
Had the chicken mushroom broccoli thing which looked really good on the menu but like the above in reality.
Spaghetti was really yummy though the sauce and ingredients were really sad.
I would eat here again if I’m on a budget in town.

Before going home we went to the handicap toilet to take selfies.
Goddamn ashamed because this is our generation LOL.

Tuesday’s moonface #ootd is 2 super worth sale items because COMFY T_T ❤ ❤ ❤

Breakfast was a baby watermelon.
Had half of it and it was so bad 😦
Not sweet and full of seeds!!!
Oh shit! The other half is still in the office’s fridge LOL!!!
I’d better throw it away on Monday before some crap grows on it or something LOLLLL!!

Lunch was the awesome wanton mee from Wei Ji Noodle House (335 Smith St #02-035)!!
The very first time I had it I thought it was strange because it was slightly more soupy than normal wanton mee…
But the noodles are so yummy and the wantons are so yummy and the chashu I have no comments and it’s $2.50 only!
Hazel literally worships this wanton mee and have had it for a few days straight what the heck.
This stall is more known for its sashimi noodles but then I don’t like raw fish 😦

Also randomly bought this sittori choco from Daiso because it looked and felt (sorry I’m the asshole who squashed the packet on purpose to decide my purchase) so promising.
It was so yummy!!!!!!!!!!

(stolen picture w/o credits because I’m lazy and sorry)
It reminded me of the Apollo chocolate wafers I used to like when I was younger.

On Wednesday, only the interns were in the office lol…
A very productive day somehow…
Maybe because I work better alone and since I sit very far from the other two I attained my zen lol…

Awesome xiao long bao with awesome wanton mee and ahbeng fried carrot cake for lunch feasting!

Had some Koi ice-cream milk tea!
This was the day Hazel and I decided to converse in Hokkien and although we suck terribly at it, we do manage and we are still speaking Hokkien.

Sushi from Meidi-ya for dinner because we didn’t know what to eat.
Really came all the way here for Haato & Co.!

My favourite pistachio and hazelnut gelato ^____^
This time they scooped the pistachio gelato with a lot of chopped pistachios it was soooooooo yummy!!!! ^_^

Friday had me some messy as hell mixed vegetable rice from some Dragon stall at the hawker centre for lunch…

And had to cook my own dinner with limited ingredients cos I went home thinking there was food at home…
So I made taukee linguine with tomato and tomato sauce.
Yes, without onions and whatnot.

Ok goodnight it’s nearly 4am 😦
What have I done 😦
I should be sleeping 😦
(I am also sad because I have to miss Free Cone Day again because I have work)


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