Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill

Ok, so I finished my report early and I guess I can blog about the week before I go to bed!

Thursday I went to The Ritz-Carlton to observe a set-up!
It ended much earlier than I was told so I decided to go to Parco for a Japanese dinner.
Who knows I found out Parco was closed after walking the whole length of the mall thinking I forgot where the entrance was! 😦
So I went to Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill instead, someplace I have always wanted to try but have never because bitches be walking with me and go like oh Hippopotamus is expensive!!
So I naturally shun it unconsciously. But duh beef costs a lot everywhere!!!!!
To be honest, its price is like any other ordinary restaurant! -___-

Some bread… that was unusually tough but really yummy!
Service was quite good too!

And like something typical me would do, I entered a steakhouse and ordered grilled chicken with spices.
It was surprisingly good but it was really spicy and I had to drink so much water in between bites!
Very tender and flavourful!
And you know how usually steamed mixed vegetables that come with these sort of meals taste like unseasoned stones?
This one is so good! Tastes like soft vegetables with a very clean taste!

The next day, I was suddenly assigned so much responsibility at this black tie event OMG????

This time I had to follow the emcee around ALONE.
I foresaw what would go wrong and bingo!
As expected, I cannot hear words through the walkie-talkie clearly and always delayed relaying messages.
Bless my soul I don’t get scolded tomorrow at the meeting (who am I kidding) -___-
Third event in the first month and I was experiencing as much stress as I would before an exam.

Anyway, before the event, we were eating roasted meat standing lol…

Yesterday I woke up at 3pm and decided to cook myself some food because I haven’t in ages.

Tamagoyaki (cooked with depleting skills) and fake tako (if you can’t tell they’re chicken franks, I’m telling you now) and a pear!

And this afternoon I cooked myself some eggs.
I swear this #chefcasia thing is not gonna go far because I’m still cooking eggs only and it’s getting worse and worse???

Dinner part i was 10 sticks of Chai Ho satay, the least I’ve ever had at any one time here I think.
Dinner part ii was chilli crab and rice πŸ˜€

Snacked because I was still hungry.
Right now, I’m really really hungry but I can’t eat because I’ve brushed my teeth and the only thing I will sacrifice for is pizza, which I don’t have.

Tamoya Tuesdays weren’t forgotten!!

Had the same thing again because the racks were cleared off of what I really wanted to eat and I waited a little longer but it wasn’t showing up 😦

When Margaret went to get more tempura, she managed to get the karaage for me!!!! πŸ˜€
Gonna try something new the next trip πŸ™‚
Really love this affordable udon which tastes great!
It’s like the udon equivalent of Yoshimaru Ramen!

Remember the kouign amann I bought? THREE of them?
They tastes terrible untoasted 😦
Anyway, the first one was a dream as I toasted it, the second was completely disastrous as I was too lazy and left home with it so I couldn’t even change my mind, and the last was a slight improvement but I was so traumatised by that cold and soggy one I didn’t really enjoy it 😦

Anyway, I love sushi πŸ˜€
I just want to eat Japanese food 5 days a week at least!
Can’t wait for eating out with my relatives at a restaurant where reservations were made!
I shall remember to bring out my neglected camera for proper blogging!

Ok, that is all.
Anyway, I was listening to this Kyary Pamyu Pamyu mix while writing this post!

It’s awesome!!!! πŸ˜€
Gonna look for her album to buy now (that is if I can get it for cheap)(never forget that I am a broke person with huge wants)(sorry lor)!

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