Ootoya Japanese Restaurant

Hello, so far I have very little to do at work…
Didn’t have OT for the first time!!!
On the other hand, Hazel is completely involved in this huge conference, on her birthday week lol…

Went to Ootoya Japanese Restaurant at Clementi Mall for dinner because Japanese magazines kept mentioning it and I remember it as a restaurant I always wanted to go to but just had no feel.
But now that I do have the feel, I really couldn’t let it escape right????

Wanted to sit on the tatami but it was really awkward because I was alone and I seated myself…
When I entered, no one attended to me at all!!!!
Except the cashier, whose service is really good, who was accepting payment from someone else then but she told me where I could sit.
Then no one else came to give me the menu until I asked.

Ordered oyako jyu!!
I’m not saying I’ve tried all the oyako dons in Singapore but this is by far the BEST oyako don I’ve ever had!

The chicken was tender and perfectly grilled so that there’s a really nice smoky flavour in it 😀
The egg was nearly raw and slowly thickened to perfection from the dish’s heat 😀
The sauce is simply awesome 😀
Rice is yummy 😀
A la carte $13, set $16!
The miso soup is really yummy too!

It’s a pity the chawanmushi came in a really small portion with hardly any ingredients in it and isn’t very silky at all.
I will probably make an effort to frequent this place whenever I need food and try other items on the menu as they all look so good!!!!
Oyako jyu will be reserved for broker days, being one of the cheapest items on the menu.

Went to school after that, to meet all my friends who were lucky to be SCs for BAOC!
Really miss being an SC!
All that people I saw at the atrium today could’ve been my acquaintances!!! I GUESS NOT 😦
Yuxuan only introduced some to me 😦
So happy to finally be a kid again, after restricting myself so much at work I felt like I haven’t truly laughed for a month 😦 (except after work and talking nonsense with Hazel)
My colleagues’ humour are of an entirely different frequency 😦
Went around to different groups looking for my scattered friends…
Told Bernard Ho Hoe about the gong gong gong gong gong gong gong gong gong gong thing and oh my god how I miss looking at people on the brink of death from laughing!
Also, listening to Amirah try to speak Hokkien is so entertaining!
I feel younger already!!
I miss my friends so much T_____T

Yesterday after work, I met Don since he just came back from Boston!

Had fish and chips at eM by the River for dinner!
Thought it was so-so… Their eggs Benedict was way better! Or maybe breakfast in general.

Pistachio and raspberry at Haato & Co. for desserts!

He got this cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookie from Momofuku Milk Bar in New York and I ate it just now and it was so laohong but could’ve taste so yummy!!!!
I also bought the navy peach tee and some cosmetics from Sephora, both of which don’t ship to Singapore. 😦
Couldn’t get that shirt out of my mind for a year or so ever since Joe showed it to me!

Ok bye!!
Anyway, I’m still super hooked on KPP after listening to that mix.
Listened to it while blogging too!


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