Pisco more like Pissco

Yo ma homies!
So today Lynette, Amanda and I all went to Resorts World Sentosa for a gig.
I also made reservations online last night.
It was the power of love, man…
Then today, we all found out that the gig happened LAST night .___.
I just-

So change of plans and we settled for PISCO South American Kitchen and Bar because it is only wise to eat something where elsewhere haven’t got, right?
With all our hearts broken, we sought comfort in food.
Who would’ve thought food could break our hearts too…
Amanda decided to get some quesadilla.
4 tiny slices for $9.50 .___.
She was so pissed and was complaining the whole time she was eating HAHAHAHA!
She was like “omg so little!” “so small?” *pries open one* “what the hell, it’s only cheese and tomato!” “the tomato is HALF a slice” “I need more food!” etc.
This is my chicken thigh (LOL) at $10 and Lynette’s pork belly (LOL) at $12!
Which was actually quite yummy just that a little too little.
I guess the price is affordable until you build your meal to something filling.
THEN, it will cost like an expensive RWS meal.

(I keep pausing typing because I am trying to sing along to Alex Turner’s Submarine soundtrack)
(I super love the album)

So we went to VivoCity for dinner part II!
I have never in my life seen Lynette walk so fast.
Amanda and I were walking a good 10 steps behind her or so LOL!

YAY BUY-2-FREE-1 at The King Louis Grill and Bar!!!!!!!!
They both got baby back ribs while I got the Moroccan boneless chicken leg that I’ve had before lol…
It’s so yummy?!?!?! The potatoes were so yummy?!?!??!?!?!
Also got their awesome iced lemon tea too 😀
Look at this photo that could’ve been…
It was gonna have the insignificant back ribs bokeh-ed in the background while my beautiful chicken and potatoes bask in their glory but Lynette was like “gonna have my food now!” and promptly dragged it out of my frame just as I released the shutter!

Had some Awfully Chocolate hei before we left for home!
What a lame night hahaha…

Yesterday I cooked myself lunch because in the fridge were forgotten mushrooms…
I still have a packet WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!?!?

It was spaghetti and shimeiji mushrooms and salt and pepper and mixed herbs and olive oil and nothing else.
Bland but not bad cos I’m really good at supporting myself LOL…

Dinner was awesome Clementi duck rice 😀

Ok that’s all!!

Here is a video of the sexy Alex Turner singing 3 of my favourite songs from Suck It and See in acoustic.
You are welcome ❤
(Don't know whether to buy Suck It and See or Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not)
(Or I could buy 3 CDs at $50 from High Society, cheaper than online)
(Or I could cry and hope to find a $50 note on the floor with no one around)


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