FIV五 Tapas Bar

Look at this dedication…
A post BEFORE midnight…
A post right after I got home…

Anyway I just had dinner at FIV五 Tapas Bar!
It’s the first time I ever bothered to walk to Cuppage Terrace after all these years of noticing a cute ulu area in Orchard Road…
So FIV五 was the most crowded of the lot so I went there la -_-
The service is super slow, I tell you!!!!!
And lame typical me once again goes to a bar ALONE and for food ONLY.
But this place is quite cheap 😀
Until you realise you kinda want everything…
And eventually narrow down to two.
Crispy butaniku ($5)
Looks like nothing much and really oily and plain BUT
It’s so yummy??
To be honest this is the first time I’m having spam chips and wow!
The thought of THIN LUNCHEON MEAT being DEEP FRIED is kinda gross but ok it tastes good ok!
Parma ham and rock melon (waddup) ($7 something)
This is so yummy 😀
Also my first time having this although I’ve heard of how good it is and all…
I’ve always cringed at the thought of savoury and sweet stuff combined
But today I just YOLO and ordered two new stuff k!!!!!!
It’s super sweet and super salty and super bitter (bloody rockets); basically it’s mild extremes put together and strangely turns out okie dokie.
Gonna come back and try other stuff some day 😀

The start of today was going to some hotel in Bugis (I don’t know which) for buffet lunch at Sun’s Cafe.
It’s ok… And I have really bad pictures so no talk about it.
Then I went to Orchard because I planned to watch a movie this morning and I checked and there were two shows that piqued my interest.
On the way to get my ticket I saw Hazel and Eldon LOL and for some reason, after 5 whole months of communication, Hazel never understood that I enjoy solitude sometimes (or more like most of the time) (or all the time) (because it’s so taxing trying to ask people out) (seriously)
So ya, I don’t just eat alone or shop alone, I also watch movies alone (◕‿◕✿)
(I saw a few people who soloed in the theatre too ok!!!)

So I judge my movies by their titles, then posters, then description.
And Magic in the Moonlight is like wowow! (⊙ヮ⊙)
The soundtrack is awesome too 😀
The scenes are beautiful too 😀
And the plot is so nice 😀
And it’s funny 😀
Ok I suspected the fraud but I didn’t try to make any links because I didn’t want to spoil the show for me lol and when she was exposed I was surprised LOL cos I really didn’t try to think and yea that works 😀
Nice show la go and watch it 😀
(Bonus: Cole Porter’s song opens the film)
(Bigger bonus: no annoying Chinese subtitles YAASSSSS)

Saturday’s dinner was at The Missing Pan!
Went at 6.30pm so yea there’s no more brunch although we came here for the brunch :/
The bread came and was yummy.
But before I could photograph it, let alone eat it, everything came at once.
What the hell?
Got me a Nutella milkshake!
Really tastes like liquid Nutella, which is awesome 😀
Shared the roasted chicken large enough for two.
Had a super hard time trying to take a picture of this because it’s just really difficult 😦
The lighting was so harsh and from above so an aerial shot was out of the question.
The table was so cluttered too (in an ugly way).
Salad was dressed so I was naahhh and yea just really don’t like sauces that are white I don’t even know why?
It’s like my brain registers it as mayonnaise and nope…
To be frank I have no idea what dressing that is????
The vegetables were really yummy lol
I liked it better than the chicken because vegetables are boneless.
So the chicken is really tender and all, just could’ve had more flavour.
And it’s stuffed with risotto and sundried tomatoes yum 😀

My last resort was a phone shot and it turned out the most decent in composition 😦 what the hell…
It’s k.

Ok that’s all!
Stay tuned for a post on Thursday (a.k.a. Friday) 😀
(omg I gotta remember not to start the post with hello because LOL)


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