Cavalia & Verve Pizza Bar

(geddit geddit????? Hay? Because horse?) (never mind)

Before the show, had dinner (my first meal of the day having woken up 3pm) at Rasapura…
Got these shrimp and minced pork wanton noodles from Noodle Star!
The noodles were really good but the dumplings were like so-so…
This whole food court has the most ridiculous prices but also a collection of really good Singaporean food so yea…

Went to the White Theatre Tent for Cavalia!
First time I’m at this venue and it’s a very beautiful theatre (although crappy seats)!
Was seated about 5 rows from the very back 😦
I thought it was super far from the stage so we brought binoculars!
Turns out the distance was ok and everything was ok πŸ˜€

I killed my phone’s battery with the excessive amount of (forbidden) photography…
It’s amazing how it lasted throughout the show and died once I left the place πŸ™‚

Really liked this black horse because it was so beautiful and elegant πŸ˜€

Then there was this cow-looking horse ^_^

This was my best shot of all hundreds of pictures I took HAHAHA πŸ˜€

Do not forget I was way at the back and using my phone’s camera ok! πŸ˜€

Cutie pie

Her balance was amazing O_O

Then this other dude started jumping and then skipping over a rope ON the horse’s back #youwin

They all started with 2 and now it was a 4 and…

Then this lady was like handling 6 horses omg???

And all 6 of them were hurdling #youallwin

Aerial stunts


Occasional comedy

And coming back to hurdle ON the horse #win



Notice the last horse.
It was so derp!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA
When going around the circle, it was always off track before sliding back into the circle!!
And when they were changing directions it was always confused and a few seconds late HAHAHAHA!

The comedy preceding a really fast item.
By fast I mean horses zooming from one end to the other with the riders performing stunts on the horses’ backs, with all pictures I took so blur I deleted them .___.


More aerial stunts

If I accept such blur photos, can you imagine how blur those I deleted were?

Then the sun started rising

You see, the equestrian art was so stunning, I never notice when they cleared the sand and filled the whole front of the stage with water.

The beautiful splish splash


Then they started spinning

Then they lined up and faced one side then the other, IN ABSOLUTE SYNCHRONICITY omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoom zoom

Watery zoom zoom

Ultimate zoom zoom

The goodbye

The live music (which was really good and the singer’s voice was lovely)
There was a standing ovation from the whole audience so YA GUYS GO WATCH IT!!!! πŸ˜€
Really enjoyed this show πŸ˜€

Superimposed the Zazabellou plush on a selfie cos I didn’t buy it T_____T

Was walking back to the car after the show…
The smell of pizza was raping my nostrils so I went to Verve Pizza Bar, just in time for the last order.
Mancini – BBQ chicken, peppers, onions???
It’s yummy!!! (but not as much as the OMGs like Pasta Fresca, Da Paolo and Trapizza)
Couldn’t resist a pistachio gelato too!
Pistachio is quite the best flavour ever????
But this is not better than Haato & Co.
Ok then we headed home!!

On Wednesday, I had mixed vegetable rice for dinner from I-don’t-know-where!

Had this cereal fish (the extreme right) for like 3 days in a week .__. I love it .___.
At around 8.30pm, I had a sudden urge/motivation to sew a pouch for my portable charger, which I had in mind since the end of my internship!

So I did!!! (I bought the fabric because it matched my portable charger :D)
Freestyled all the way without measuring nor pressing and just #YOLO!!!!
I had to think on the spot how to sew a curved zipper cos I’ve never done anything so complex before!
So yoloing actually works because it turned out quite successful albeit tight (duh, I didn’t measure but simply wrapped around the charger and prayed)…
Took me 4 hours to (hand)sew it because I don’t have a machine and I’m so proud of myself πŸ˜€ lul

Then I had some severe insomnia that very night because I was still awake at 4am, then 5am, then 6am and the sun was rising (WHAT THE HECK)???
Its cause was likely my waking up at 4pm and then having hojicha after dinner -____-
So at 7am I was out of the house, in my inline skates LOL!!
Went to a park connector and accidentally ended up in Jurong East .____.
So I skated back and went to a nearby McDonald’s for breakfast!

Nearly smashed into the glass door upon my entrance because there was a steep slope facing the door, a woman in my way, a glorious drain cover with really big gaps and a brake that doesn’t do its job well.
So I was struggling to not fall while I was going down the slope, then I swerved a 360 before coming to a stop then skated into McDonald’s MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA #SWAG

Here’s today’s OOTD

Cardigan from Emoda, shirt from Lazy Oaf, skorts from Zara and shoes from Dr Martens BUT U CAN’T SEE THEM πŸ˜€


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