W39 Bistro & Bakery

Spent the whole of yesterday caught up on the selection of timetables because the school’s system screwed up and caused so much trouble šŸ˜”
Today I woke up early too, to select an elective module.
So troublesome šŸ˜¦

Anyway, last night I walked to W39 Bistro & Bakery to meet Marissa for dinner and some catching-up! šŸ˜€
The dinner part was mainly for me because I didn’t consider the fact that it wasn’t a Halal-certified place but then again she said she didn’t really wanted to eat although she could’ve.
That aside, going out with her is great because we talk so much and I feel like we do not have enough time to chat sufficiently…
We do not converse through messaging much either.
I love it man.

I ordered duck confit šŸ˜€
Most of the items on the menu sounded great though, so I’ll probably return to try them out some time.

Thought this was not bad although there was one bit that wasn’t crispy at all but totally fat šŸ˜¦
Meat was very tender and considering French cuisine isn’t its specialty I think it’s alright šŸ™‚
Flavour wasn’t very strong as compared to others I’ve tried.
Might I add that the mashed potatoes were the chunky sort and I like eating those šŸ˜€
Didn’t eat much of the salad though…

Being the honest and totally awesome person I am, I reminded Marissa I owed her $28 for the pizza I had the last time we met.
She was entirely skeptical of it although she’s the one benefitting from this.

So I paid for her apple crumble and returned her the remainder in cash šŸ˜€
I hereby present myself the Very Damn Good Friend Award šŸ˜‰

Got myself the rainbow cake for aesthetic purposes although Marissa advised against it.
When I first discovered its existence in 2010, I wanted one so badly but nowhere in Singapore sells them.
My mum also refused to bake it or let me bake it so I watched as my hopes and dreams vapourised into the abyss of darkness.
Then a few years ago, it started popping out EVERYWHERE!
Everyone was eating it and raving about it and I still haven’t come close to any.
Then last weekend my mum saw a picture of a rainbow cake in a magazine and asked me where it can be bought.
Fast forward to yesterday, I saw the cake so I decided I needed a closure.

My verdict?
It’s horrid.
I don’t know man, after 4 years of yearning a slice (and losing hope promptly after the discovery), I never once thought about how plain it would taste in contrast to its very vivid and exciting exterior.
I remember looking for recipes back then and I know it’s a super plain cake except that it looks totally totally tripping.
So ya, I guess you either have to close your eyes to eat it, or eat it with a blocked nose and blame the blocked nose.
Otherwise, it’s basically a slice of disappointment coated in rainbow rice.

Bought a slice of crunchy hazelnut home because it sounded and looked sort of promising…
Ate it today and was so upset šŸ˜¦
It’s totally not crunchy and I couldn’t even taste any hazelnut very much if at all!
It’s all chocolate to me and it’s not even very rich chocolate :/
So maybe what I felt about the rainbow cake is all phony and I have to have another slice somewhere more renowned for it (recommend some if you know please) or something.

Before I ate the cake today I made myself instant noodles for lunch.
After yesterday’s dinner I walked to Marissa’s area and bought some groceries (which are about to be completely depleted soon).
Thought I’d give the Singapore’s CQYD a try to make sure the amazing made-in-Japan one that I had previously was amazing simply because of its origin.

Japanese one on the left, Singaporean one on the right.
One look and you know which one has a better tasting broth.
Don’t really know how much one packet of the Japanese one costs but I’m sure it’s more than the $2.50 I paid for a bundle of 5.
Taste wise, please splurge if you know what’s good for you.
(I mean that for both the noodles and the broth)
The kick is just not there T_T

Yesterday’s groceries include 3 russet potatoes for $1.
I had in mind to make some oven fries but then I found out I had no garlic nor parsley so I postponed that recipe for another time lol…

Had a go at Hasselback potatoes!!
It did not turn out as crispy as I’d expected…
It did not look golden either .__.
That’s thinly sliced potatoes, brushed with lots of butter (in between the flaps too) and some olive oil, salt and black pepper.
Baked it for 1 hour 15 minutes or so…
I shall try again someday .___.
That was my dinner and so all the food I had today was disappointing… Dammit.

Found a zillion photographs of me when I was little a few days ago.

2 to 3 years old and looking cute even with a drum handle up a nostril…

3 (or 4) years old and looking very happy doing nothing except standing on the swing .__.

Also might have killed a duckling at a tender age of 2.

Also had awesome face AND hair at 6 years old.
I absolutely resent my puberty.

Have a nice day šŸ˜€


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