Founder Bak Kut Teh Restaurant 发起人肉骨茶餐馆

Thought I should write some posts before I get too busy and have a whole chunk of posts to write all at once.
That includes a post on my trip to Bangkok. And more.

So upon my return (midnight flight), I was immediately summoned to meet the new internship slaves for bak kut teh that night.
I had all hopes to sleep in after unpacking but I can’t really turn bak kut teh away.
Bak kut teh was the main motivation. Not my friends. I’m sorry.
But I care for you guys enough to cancel a prior plan so I have already redeemed myself okay?

Met them at Founder Bak Kut Teh Restaurant/Cafeteria (yes, it’s a cafeteria according to their name card but restaurant according to the sign) at 347 Balestier Road.
I grew up around Balestier and have zero memory of having any bak kut teh along the road of bak kut tehs and tau sar piahs. Bless my soul.
Meat’s quite tough but the soup is so good!!!
I really should consider bringing pails when I go have bak kut teh.
Endless refills, bring it on .____.
Not overly peppery and very flavourful; similar to that of Ng Ah Sio’s I had at MBS.
Bae soup.
I don’t know what size this plate of tau kee was but it was humongous and not soft enough for me to finish them all before the rest can prompt me to. LOL.

All the unprepared faces.
Except that what seems to be my unprepared face is basically my default face .__.

The very next day, I had to meet up again T_T
I really wanted some sleep.
No complaints, though!

THE PEW PEW OF LIFE at HomeTeamNS’s Laser Quest at $12 per pax for two rounds.
Very exhausting for a completely unfit person like me to run around in the darkness with bad music blasting.
[GOVERNMENT PLEASE TAKE NOTE LOL] I am evidently not suited for combat and suggests that the government takes a hint and stop sending me those career letters inviting me to work in the defence force because the recruitment would probably put Singapore’s safety in jeopardy.
(ok maybe I take that back, in case one day I remain so unemployed I no longer can afford to live…) (touch wood)

Went to Beans & Cream right after for some ice-cream!

Hazelnut and salted caramel!
I like the hazelnut one better 😀

Then we headed to Yong Chin’s place for pre-school-reopen steamboat!
After that it was their drinking session with me in the kids corner and reading a book. Not that I got to read much… lul…

Ok end of post.


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