The Missing Pan

Went to The Missing Pan on Deepavali because mummy suggested it and I’m not turning down free brunch 😀
The other time we were here we missed the brunch menu T_T
But now that I’ve eaten this, I kind of need to return.
Soy flat white!
Coffee smells great but with soy it tasted quite strange.
I shouldn’t randomly soy my coffees next time…

I didn’t want to post my food on Instagram until I had the photos from my camera but then the plate sort of instructed me to lol…
I ordered the French toast salpicon and it’s the most splendid fusion of savoury and sweet in a dish ever.
Fruits were all really fresh and they had goreng pisang (they call it banana nuggets awwwww ^_^) to win my heart over lol…
Strawberry-smoked maple syrup tasted unboring and it’s not super sweet and super thick like other maple syrups. LIKEZ.
French toast was great!! I hate those places with French toast with barely-there eggs man.
Inside I found chicken, spinach and mushrooms and they’re so tasty ;___;
Couldn’t taste much of the spinach though… but the others more than make up for it.
Omg the chicken.
I want to eat this every other day man…
The boss, Grace (whom I remember from a birthday party during my internship) asked me about it and all I replied was “It’s good.”
Lol I am so sorry… I think she expected more but here’s the more now…

Then she recommended the rosemary focaccia which I was staring at a lot.
Bought it and it was humongous.
Tossed the last third away today because it’s been 4-5 days and I don’t know how long it’d last.

Smells really good and it’s a pity I was too… lazy to heat it up before making my sandwiches.

One day I made a sandwich with eggs and only eggs because I had no other stuff at home .___.

Another day I made a sandwich with ham and tomato slices 😀 HAM 😀
8 slices 😀

And this morning, I recreated the sandwich but with the normal plain loaf.
8 slices HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I should try more next time.

Also decided to clear my jar of Nutella since I had bananas at home.
SO YUMMY but I was so stuffed after.

Today’s small dinner part ii was Nissin’s seafood noodle but the Japanese version.
This $4 cup tastes better than the $2 ones in terms of broth flavour and noodle texture, as always when it comes to Japanese instant noodles.

On Thursday night, I went to the Shiseido sale after school and watched my money leave me T_T
And then I was craving for Japanese food and then I saw some Japan exhibition at Orchard Central so I took a look.
A really nice Japanese dude started introducing me to the stuff laid out and I wanted to buy some of the socks but I just blew $75 I couldn’t spend more on something that isn’t my dinner… T___T
So while I was hunting for my Japanese dinner, some lady thrusted a flyer at me and I looked and omg it was hotpot for $9.90 and I was all like WHY NOT!!!!!
(I should know $9.90 was a great reason to NOT, since it was a good gauge of its quality…) (I regret this)
So I headed to Shi Li Fang (a restaurant whose name I can’t even pronounce was another good reason to NOT).
I like the concept of personal hotpot because it’s very me – table for one LOL, share table with friends LOL, etc.

So I ordered the beef tenderloin set for $9.90 and an additional shilifang specialty chicken thing since meat and seafood were 50% off…
I shouldn’t have. The chicken was spicy.
Anyway, that’s not the point.
The broth I got was tonic chicken soup or something and it’s just does not taste as nice as its name suggests.
The beef looks terrible, just bad, like it’s not beef, I can’t describe it well.
The thick bee hoon was a very strange white and had a strange texture and a strange taste and it just breaks and it’s just no.
Nothing made me happy except the price.
I guess it’s like a hotpot version of Saizeriya…
The whole while I was eating it I was facing Tonkichi, which was just a store away.
Can you imagine my plight?!?!?!?!

Friday had a meeting with the client for our final year project T_T
It’s only the first week of school and we’re actively staying back after school to discuss stuff omg T_T

Anyway, I tried a new wanton mee stall in school, RedRing Wanton Mee.
It’s a blogged store LOL so I tried LOL and…
The char siew is so yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The wanton is ok only…
And I went home. And then I went out again because Yuxuan asked me out.
She was craving the pistachio ice-cream from Sunday Folks, which the other day she told me she disliked because it was too strong and she didn’t fancy pistachios in the first place.

I, too, got my favourite pistachio cone ^_^

Also took a picture with this wall, which Yuxuan first laughed at T_T

Yesterday I went to collect my race pack, which you, if you don’t already know, will soon see that it’s really lame.
Me? Running? 5km? Please.
Then I went to L’Entrecôte for lunch with Lynette!

Le poulet with steak sauce 😀
Yummy enough. I love the fries 😀
I should return for their steak and fries (and with my camera). They’re called the steak and fries bistro after all.

Also, I should bear in mind not to give in to the $9 bottle of Evian because my finances do not support any lifestyle inclusive of expensive drinking water. Yet.

Then I headed to Sentosa for site recce with my group!
So hot T_T

Discussed work over not-very-yummy pizza at Bora Bora Margarita Bar (which has a sign that says Bistro 42 and it’s so confusing).
Then we left…
And I met Lynette again -______-
And we had dinner at Poulét because we couldn’t think of anywhere to eat???

I ordered the duck au vin.
Yummy! Meat slides right off the bones too 😀
To be honest, I find it better than the poulet roti which is what most people eat there (right?).
Then we went to Carl’s Jr for fries 😀
Then we had to go home because Lynette got a call and anticipate scoldings lol… Typical curfew prisoner ;_;

Ok, the end.
2nd week of school’s tomorrow.
Bye 😦


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