Recipe: Zaru Soba


This is so easy to make, I’m really just posting this as a filler. It’s also really affordable.

Things you’ll need (that you can all buy from Daiso if you don’t already have):

  • Soba (buckwheat noodles) – that’s like $0.50 per 100g
  • Mentsuyu (noodle sauce/soup) – I got mine elsewhere
  • Shredded seaweed – this is so important, it makes the dish so flavourful
  • Zaru (strainer) – you don’t really need this but it looks good in photos (especially if they’re not plastic ones like mine)
    and water, pot, chopsticks! And ice?
  1. Boil water, put soba in, cook for 3-4 minutes or as instructed on packaging.
  2. In the meantime, put 1 part tsuyu 2 parts water into a bowl for dipping. I don’t really measure them out, I just estimate and taste the dip. Also, I used cold water.
  3. Your soba is cooked! Drain them (decant/strain/just pick them out with chopsticks) and run them under the tap or shock them in iced water.
  4. Plate your soba and top it with shredded seaweed! Don’t keep the packet yet because it won’t be enough. You can also add furikake!
  5. Grab some strands, dip them in the soup, put them in your mouth. Repeat until gone.

I don’t really know why some people put ice on their soba or in the soup. Maybe you can just cook this in Siberia and not bother about it.
Anyway, it’s a food often consumed in summer to combat the heat.
I eat it because it’s delicious and takes very little time to put together.
If this recipe is wrong, I am sorry. I’m not Japanese. But it works for me and I love it 😀

Tried overpriced Ichiryu apple juice. It’s not bad but I still think Ringo Work is the king.

Thank you for reading!


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