Tanuki Raw & Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh

Had lunch at Tanuki Raw with Hazel one day. Lunch prices are so affordable we bought 3. We weren’t very good at finishing them all though 😦
I got the yakitori don because chicken and mushrooms 🙂
Delicious as always, although the name was misleading.
She got the chirashi don. I didn’t try some because I still can’t appreciate sashimi T_T
She gave me an egg slice though. I think she was trying to win my affection. Or it could be a birthday present. I hope it’s not the latter because I’d really prefer a whole tub of tiramisu instead.
This truffle yakiniku don was ordered because she was like “aiya I forgot I wanted to eat the beef too” or something like that.
Looked damn good and tastes great. But I couldn’t eat much because it was too raw for my liking. Same goes for the onsen egg. So I just ate my delicious chicken :>
I know it’s like Tanuki RAW but I thought that was because they had raw oysters .___. Or maybe not. I don’t know…
Surprise wasabi always surprises me but I love it. Anyway, the lotus root chip was yummy. I don’t usually try to put lotus root into my mouth at all.

Then we went shopping. Supposedly went looking for windows, but I got cosmetics because birthday month means 2X points .___. how to not?? I also made her buy stuff to bump up my points. Sorry. But thanks.
So Nars Gilda is awesome. I can just lightly tap a brush on it and it picks up quite a bit of powder, and when I put it on my face, I’m like shit! shit! too much!!! cos it really is too much. Then I’d look more like dying from exercise than healthy glowing. But it’s a pretty colour and now I know not to press it into my skin like I did other blushers.
Anyway, I love it plenty. I guess you could say it’s Baemax.

Dinner was at Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh, where I’ve been wanting to try ever since people told me about it but I have no idea where it might be (other than “it’s near Zouk”), especially when no one can remember its name and call it the one with the yellow and red signboard. Thanks ah.
Soup and you tiao is super shiok!! But the meat could work on being more tender. I mean I am using a Kodomo Soft & Slim toothbrush (for years) (they’re meant for kids 6-9 years old) (I’m 20 now) because it is the most gentlest little baby that doesn’t try to hurt anybody. Ya so I need my meat tender. But it’s good, and when I get older and have the feel for midnight bak kut teh, this is a total go-to 😀

Days before I went to have dinner at The French Table because it looks good!!
I got confit de canard with no-chilli aglio olio linguine because looks and sounds good.
Portion is humongous
but I didn’t like anything on the plate T_T it’s just nah…
Truffle fries smelled wonderful. But eating it reminds me of Tenderfresh’s fries. No truffle taste.
The service was so darn good and reviews online for this place are sparkle sparkle. WHY???? T____T
Maybe one day I might give it another shot. Just maybe. T__T


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